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Vladimir Zolotarev has been sentenced to 18 years

July 28th the First Eastern Regional Court in Khabarovsk in the case of the burning of the National Guard building in Komsomolsk on the Amur. The 51-year old taxi-driver was found guilty of committing an "act of terrorism", even though no-one was harmed in the fire. Out of the 18 years which have been stipulated by the court, Vladimir must spend 5 years in ("clink"), and the rest in a strict regime penal colony.

Vladimir Zolotarev does not consider himself to be guilty of an "act of terrorism", and states that he started the fire in order to draw attention to the war that the Kremlin is waging in Ukraine. The National Guard is a participant in the invasion, and in repression of anti-war protests.

Human rights initiative is supporting Vladimir Zolotarev in every way possible.

Address for letters: SIZO-1, 6 Znamenshchikova st., Khabarovsk, Russia, 680038, Zolotarev Vladimir Georgievich, born in 1972. It is possible to send via the electronic service (sending from anywhere in the world, subject to payment by a Russian card) and the volunteer resource (sending from anywhere in the world and the ability to remain anonymous).

Account details to help Vladimir Zolotarev (funds will be used to pay for parcels and work as a lawyer in the future):

PayPal: (marked “for Zolotarev”).

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