The Blockade of the Nazi march in Stockholm, December 10

While in Russia right-wing hooligans were guarding the "United Russia" rallies in the center of Moscow, Swedish nazis were holding their own march in the streets of Stockholm. Naturally, leftist activists could not ignore this event. More than 2,000 people gathered to block the right-wing march. The action was attended by different anarchist and socialist groups and organizations from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Germany, as well as some anarchists from Russia, who, in order to attract the attention of the Swedish media in relation to the ongoing protestsin Russia, handed out the following leaflets in English.

"Right-Wing Football Hooligans Are Friends of the Police

Since December, 5, Russia has been gripped by protest actions. In
Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities, clashes took place between protesters and
the police. It is well-known to Russian anarchists that state-funded right-wing
football hooligans have been participating in the crackdown on the popular protests
at Triumphal Square in Moscow together with the police. The Neo-Nazis have likewise
been guarding the rallies organized by the Russian 'Party of Thieves and Swindlers'
- the United Russia party.

Once again, the Putinist-Medvedist dictatorship is using the fringes of the far
right to put down popular protests.

The current situation in Russia is close to a pre-revolutionary one. If right-wing bastards that fight on the side of the state against the people and beat down protesters together with cops, hope to benefit from their traitorous role, they are wrong. The state shall use them as cannon fodder. And, as servants of the Putinist-Medvedist state, they shall
experience the toilers' wrath on their own skin.

We believe it necessary to proclaim once again: "No war between
people, no peace between classes". The ideology of ethnic supremacy will always be used by the exploiters to split the ranks of toiling classes. Against the propaganda of national hatred, we should consolidate the ranks of fighters for the world without power and capital. Capitalism and fascism should
go into the dustbin of history"

Before the beginning of the blockade there was a rally in the center of Stockholm. Unfortunately, most of the speakers were liberals who demanded only the thought away "Swedish Democrats" from the Parliament. In this their demands were limited. Only one girl from the organization
"Syndicalist Youth Federation (SUF)" in her speech talked about the necessity of participation of all workers in the struggle for the
interests of your class.

During the day there were several attempts to block the march of right, are carefully guarded by the police. There were several large-scale clashes with police, during which the anarchists and socialists used smoke bombs, firecrackers, fireworks. Punishers more than once staged a
counterattack and beat protesters. During the collision the police used dogs, as demonstrators attacked the police several times on horseback. According to information taken from the media, "At least seven people were arrested and 18 detained. During the clashes with the police and
neo-nazis, three members of anti-fascist demonstration were injured and were taken to hospital."

Once again political forces, working in the name of capitalism and trying
to divide workers through nationalist propaganda, were rebuffed. We also hope, that in future actions, the left will have revolutionary slogans instead of liberal messages.

No war between nations! There is no peace between classes!

Group of Anarcho - Communists

Video from the protests:

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