No Tav activists sentenced to 2 years and 10 month

were sentenced to 2 years, 1 months and 20 days, on May 27th 2015. The prosecution of the crown prosecutors was dismantled in Turin for Lucio, Francesco and Graziano.

This morning came the judgment after a year in prison under maximum surveillance. The penalty, disproportionate to the facts, and reduced by 1/3 since the summary procedure, it honors only the crusade of cop with the helmet, which had to back down on terrorism charges, but they see accepted other accusations, all relating to fire to the compressor/supercharger.

Lucio, Graziano and Francesco will come out today and serve out the remainder of the sentence under house arrest because thanks to the doggedness of the prosecution have made almost a year in prison.

Even for them we want complete freedom, as well as for all notav still under arrest or subject to measures restricting the personal freedom.

Will come the day when we will show who are the real criminals in the TAV issue, and the many generous notav who fought with passion and commitment will be recognized the right merits, those of feed and support a popular resistance that will never surrender.

Free all, NO TAV!

PS: at the Central of Chiomonte where this morning we find ourselves in solidarity with the three boys, the police block access by implementing yet another provocation against a land that can not be intimidated by some cages, gates and shields. See you soon.

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