19 September in Moscow will host a rally for the release of hostages Khimki

September 19, at 16 00, near the monument Griboyedov m. Net ponds, will rally in support of activists Maxim Solopova and Alexei Gaskarova suspected of organizing attacks on the administration of the city of Khimki. July 28, 2010 in front of the administration in the city of Khimki Moscow more than 200 young anti-fascists and anarchists held a spontaneous demonstration in support of Khimki timber, which in those days were cut down for the needs of big business. The action, during which several windows were smashed, received wide public response. And the authorities for their part responded with repression.

The day after the rally were arrested two prominent social activist - Alexey Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov, who are still detained.In the 20's beginning of September to be held court, they face up to seven years in prison for hooliganism, although there is no evidence of their involvement in illegal activities. Those who organized the beating of journalists and human rights activists, who opposed the felling of forests, those who set him on the football hooligans activists, environmentalists, those who ordered the crackdown on peaceful picketing in Khimki, remain at large, ready to continue in this way to defend their own interests.Instead they found themselves behind bars activists guilty only of their public citizenship. Numerous violations during the investigation say that the issue will be addressed in the corridors of power, and only a broad informational resonance and mass protests may affect the outcome of the case.

The campaign for the release of hostages Khimkinskiy calls for international day of action and pressure on the Russian authorities from 17 to 20 September 2010 to secure the release of Alexey and Maxim. Speaking in support of Moscow activists held in many cities of Russia and the world. Rally in Moscow, already supported by many well-known intellectuals and cultural figures, will be held on September 19, 16 00, near the monument Griboyedov m. Net ponds.

Freedom Solopovu and Gaskarova!

Stop the repression against activists!

This is our forest!

Investigate lawlessness Khimki power!

The campaign for the release of hostages Khimki

ttp: / / khimkibattle.org / ">

Phone organizers of the rally: 89150535912


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Statement on arrests after direct action on July 28 in Khimki

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