Antifascist tournament Squeeze fist! " held in Izhevsk

June 2, 2010 in Izhevsk passed the first local tournament kickboxing among anarchists and anti-fascists. The tournament was called the "Squeeze fist!" And was dedicated to 250 anniversary of our city. Participation took ten young men of the Izhevsk and one guest from Naberezhnye Chelny, they were all united on this day sincere love for the sport and the hatred of the nationalist prejudices and police repression.

The tournament was held in three weight categories. Athletes fought three rounds of two minutes.Points were exhibited on the system "closed account" when the result of a duel is unknown until the last seconds of the battle. It certainly made the fights more entertaining. Judges are carefully monitored so that participants are not allowed in the tournament against opponents holds barred.
In general, the competition took place without any trouble, all the fighters were able to avoid serious injury. In the hall reigned positive and truly friendly atmosphere. After the tournament, all participants unanimously agreed that such activities will be continued.We will not surrender under the pressure of Nazi terror and police repression! Victory will be ours!
We invite all anarchists and anti-fascists to pay more attention to self-improvement, including sports. Being engaged in martial arts and keeping yourself in good physical shape, you help the movement, as well as themselves and their families!

Channel: Sobkor.

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