The authorities of Sevastopol re trying to ban protest

Just learned about another intention of the authorities of Sevastopol to ban peaceful protests, appointed on June 19, Saturday at 15:00 at the Square. Rebels. Yesterday, a representative of the initiative group of citizens in the Lenin district administration of Sevastopol was filed notice of forthcoming action passing in kaipanii "for free public transport and timed to raise the fare on public transport in the city of Sevastopol and the appointment of the Chief of SOE Sevelektroavtotrans "them.AS Krupoderova Basil Tsybulkina - a monopolist in the sphere of urban passenger road transport.

The hearing is scheduled for today at 17 o'clock in the District Administrative Court of Sevastopol.
Thus it became known that employees of the enterprise intends to protest against the appointment to head the trolleybus running Basil Tsybulkina.
Employees have expressed fears that Tsybulkin will use the company for their own selfish purposes.Namely, we equip the site at the last stop for trolley parking their buses.
With these actions, the authorities have shown their true face of repressive.
The liberal rules of legislation enacted in the mid-90's are no longer used because of the needs of big business whose interests are defending the city authorities.
Authorities spit on those laws, which themselves take. By banning peaceful protest government radicalize the population, are pushing him to more radical action. This is increasingly reflected, as in Ukraine (the murder of a student in a police station in Kiev, the repression against environmentalists in Kharkov, the repression of the independent student union in Kiev) and Russia (collision Mezhdurchenske, the guerrilla struggle in the Maritime Territory) and in rest of the world (continuing strike in Greece, a nationwide strike in France, etc.).
The population of each time understands that the State is a tyrant who exist only to myself and not care about the interests of ordinary people.

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