Belarus shares the support of anarchists held in Cheboksary

Authorities feel impunity! They're used to that they have a prison, accustomed to our fear. They have long been looking at us like a gray mass, which is unable to unite against the regime of oppression and suppression, the world's lies and not justice. This spit of all the authorities of all countries and states! The only thing they fear is courage. People who are determined to escape the burden of misinformation, not afraid to be anarchists, anti-fascists, social activists. These were and are our friends: Nicholas and Alexander Dzyadok Frantskevich, Alexey and Maxim Gaskarov Solopov.We join the Days of united action in support of the anarchists of Belarus! We demand an end to repression deployed by the authorities of both countries to halt criminal proceedings and the release of all activists.

Within days of solidarity, Cheboksary, anarchists and members of the Autonomous Actions are trying to attract the attention of citizens to government lawlessness.

Oct. 19 is not far from the railway station, along the way, there was a graffiti "Freedom to anarchists Belarus." The next day, near Government House, was hung a banner "Freedom of Belarusian activists and scattered leaflets. Also during the week will be handing out leaflets in public places in the city. More information about the preparation and establishment of the shares can be viewed on video.

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