The case of the attack on the Russian Embassy upgraded to a heavier article of the Criminal Code, the period of detention prolonged

According to Indymedia-Belarus and several other portals criminal investigation into the attack on the Russian Embassy in Minsk turned into a more serious crime. It also reported that despite the fact that the charges were brought against nobody and there is no evidence base, the sentence detained activists extended for another 3 days.

As the head of the Department of Information and Public Relations Alexander Lastovsky Minsk police are now investigating the crime are under fire. "

Previously, a criminal case was instituted under "hooliganism". Under the Criminal Code of Belarus, the maximum penalty for disorderly conduct - three years imprisonment. For arson - up to eight years in prison.

In the criminal case of Belarus special services detained seven activists of the anarchist movement, which is suspected of involvement in the incident at the Russian embassy.

The names of the detainees:

  • Igor Bogachek
  • Valeria Khotin
  • Sergei Slusar
  • Nicholas Dzedok
  • Alex Zhingerovsky
  • Alexander Franzkevich
  • Anton Laptenok

All detainees are held in remand prison in the street Akrestsin.

Also today , September 6 at 12 am, law enforcement officials detained Tatiana Semenischevu.It remains to show whether or not to any charges.

Following the extension of detention, it became clear that the authorities have no evidence of involvement of our friends in this incident! Therefore, we demand the immediate release of all prisoners!

Friends and relatives of the detainees.


Attack of the anarchists in the IVS on the street.Akrestsina Street

Australia: second day of the six detainees social activists are in detention center of Minsk on the street. Akrestsin

Belarus: the kidnapping of social activists, members of "Law & quot; bodies

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