Clashes in Tunisia did not stop

According to information published on this site Jura Librtaire, as a result of violent clashes during the night from Saturday to Sunday, killing more than 50 people in the cities of Tal (16), Kasserine (22), Meknassi (2), Ferial (1) and Reguab (8 ). Joint action by special forces and police (the so-called death squads) have used live ammunition to overcome the protests, which lasted until dawn. Witnesses describe what happened, what happened as "the deliberate killing of civilians." The police literally watered motorcade manifest a hail of bullets.Among the dead is a child of nine, old people, but mostly - are young people.
There is evidence that the police opened fire on a funeral procession.

Channel (also photos and video) on fr. Language:

According to the official French media, in clashes left 16 people dead.

Riots in Tunisia, and Algeria are spontaneous in nature, not manipulated by any party, nor syndicates or religious organizations. Residents attacked the symbols of power: local administrationfluctuations of the tax police, banks, - burning and destroying them.

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