The Cuban government on the path of reform ... against workers

The Cuban government is going to cut 500,000 jobs in the public sector by March next year, to give the opportunity to develop private business. Such a move local and foreign media called unprecedented and remind us that this practice was not in 1960.
According to statistics, 500,000 people make up 12% of all employed in the public sector employees in the country. In the framework of the restructuring of the labor market, the Government expects in 2011 to issue 250,000 licenses for businesses, more than double the current level, and create 200,000 new jobs in the private sector.
Naturally, the changes scare Cubans, accustomed for many decades to the measured and stable system of "socialist labor".
"The policy of our country is to ensure that no one remains on the street that everyone has a salary on which he lives, - says the employee parking lot.- Even with a salary that is not easy to live, because life is expensive. And it should be taken into account.
Fidel's brother Raul Castro became president in 192008 and immediately recognized the need for reforms in the country, primarily in the economic sphere.


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