Program of Father Frost against Putin -festival 10 years celebration 12th-14th of January 2024 is now published

is now published. 

Father Frost against Putin -festival was organised first time 10 years ago. From 2014 to 2020 festival was organised seven times, and Russian grassroots organisations told about their activities and networked between each other. 

First covid, and then war in Ukraine closed Finnish borders from Russian activists. But activists are still resisting Putin and war, in Russian and in all the countries to which Russian activists have escaped. 

All the applications of Father Frost against Putin-festival to get funding from foundations or city of Helsinki were always refused. Before the war, supporting revolution in Russia was always too much for bureaucrats. Finnish border authorities were interrogating guests of the festival from Russia, attempting to find a pretext to refuse entry. After beginning of the war, Finnish bureaucrats have further sabotaged efforts to resit Putin by making traveling and escaping to Finland almost impossible. 

Thus, our festival has never accomodated tastes, or been organized for of state bureaucrats and gatekeepers of ”culture”. Instead, it has been organised for Russian anti-authoritarian activists – feminists, anti-militarists, anti-fascists and human rights activists and their supporters, as well as for artists and researchers. Now when borders have been closed in practice, the target group is those who have escaped from Russia, and everyone who is interested about struggle of Russians against authoritarism. 

Welcome to demand overthrowing of authoritarian power in Russia, end to war and total boycott against Russian war economy!
First 20-30 registered guests will be provided a place to stay overnight on a mattress in Helsinki area at least for the night between Saturday and Sunday, in a place which will be announced at the place (bed linen and sleeping bags will not be offered). You do not have to register in case you do not need a place to stay. The rest have to book hotels from themselves.  

All the presentations of the festival will be done in Russian or English, there will be interpretation to Finnish, English or Russian. We will attempt to stream all the presentations at least with original languages, and if possible also the interpretation. 

Events of the festival will take place in Oranssi and Ulrika.


Both of the places are wheelchair accessible, and the premises have a wheelchair-accessible WC. 

Send your registrations and program proposals to address

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