French police used against students tear gas

In France, the continuing protests grew into open street clashes with police. Regular skirmishes youth with the French police began today in Nanterre, northwestern Paris suburb. Students will continue to oppose the reform, which includes raising the retirement age from 60 to 62 years.

This bill, already approved by the lower house of French Parliament, and now it is considering the upper chamber. Street marches gradually become natural. To join an adult high school students and organized groups of anarchists.They have already declared themselves in Paris, Lyon, Marseille and other cities.

Today, about 200-300 high school students blocked the Republic Square in Paris, setting trash cans on the road and construction barriers, thus triggering a huge traffic jam. Police arrived, students threw stones, in response to the prison police used tear gas.

According to the Ministry of Education of France, because of the strike this morning across the country has been hampered by the work of 379 high schools (from 4300).According to estimates by the Independent Federation of Democratic Lyceum Fidl, protests have been affected by 1,2 thousand schools. Access in 850 of them "locked or blocked."

At the weekend the strike against pension reform took place throughout France. After Sunday's demonstration in Paris was arrested on 30 anarchists who tried to break into the opera house at Bastille.

In the Tuesday night fire destroyed college in Le Mans. According to the mayor of Le Mans, Jean-Claude Bulara likely it was arson.

Also yesterday, about 200-250 protesters rioted near the Lyceum Joliot-Curie.Young people blocked the street, they turned and burned several cars, smashed phone booths and bus stops.

New clashes with police were reported today in Lyon - on the eve of the young people here are also not without violence.

All in all the demonstrations in France on October 17 was attended by various estimates, from 825,000 to 3 million people. The Paris protest demonstration was the largest, estimated trade unions have participated in up to 310 thousand people.

Strikes and protests against the reforms will be continued in France in May 2010.

Also in France for the sixth day of striking workers of oil refineries, which also opposed the reform.The strike has halted 10 of 12 refineries.

Only on Saturday in France, has been arrested 264 protesters: 150 - Paris, 30 - Lyon and dozens more in other cities. Several policemen were injured.

Mezhprofsoyuznoe union, meanwhile declared that allow grassroots organizations to make a strike of unlimited duration.Part of the team this week simply will not go to work. This is mainly workers in the transport and oil industries. Now the strike affected all 12 of mainland France's refineries, 10 of them have stopped completely. The Paris airports Orly and Roissy (Charles de Gaulle) is no longer supplied with fuel. Stocks of jet fuel it will last only until the end of the week. For filling a queue: the drivers are trying to stock up on gasoline for future use.However, even fueled car to drive in France, now we can not everywhere: on the motorway Paris-Lille and near Biarritz truck drivers sparked huge traffic jams by staging "Operation Snail".

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