Greece: Support the arrested comrades in Thessaloniki

Free Salonika prisoners

Collectives of anarchists in Greece and Britain issued a call for solidarity with the Thessaloniki Quartet. More than 100 people were arrested after a demonstration against the EU summit , held in Thessaloniki in 2003. Seven received prison sentences, including a demonstrator from England by Simon Chapman , who after the arrest the police had planted a backpack with Molotov cocktails. After the arrest of the prisoners declared a hunger strike, which lasted more than 50 days.In the year 2003. Therefore, worldwide solidarity actions were accompanied by demonstrations, direct action and occupation, resulting in all the seven were released on bail. Eventually all charges were dropped, but a few years after the appeal the prosecutor charges were brought again .

The first decision the court ruled in January 2008, according to which Simon Chapman and three other defendants - Suleiman "Castro" Dakduk (Syria), Fernando Perez Gorraiz (Spain) and Michaelis Triakapis (Greece), were found guilty.

All of them proclaim their innocence.In addition, the available photos and videos suggests that the police planted Simon backpack full of Molotov cocktails ( as is ). However, this fact has not played a significant role, and Chapman had received eight years in prison, the other defendants - more than five years.

In January 2011 they will appear before the Court of Appeal, on which they will have the opportunity to appeal the charges.

This means that we have less than two months to organize a campaign to collect the required amount of money and show real solidarity with the accused.

Information about how you can help on the following sites:

London Indymedia

Thessaloniki Solidarity

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