Moscow Anarchists Picket in support of Andrew Kutuzov and against political repression

On Saturday, February 5, in Moscow, about representation of the Tyumen region (st. Pyatnitskaya, 47, p. 2, m. "Tretyakov, Novokuznetskaya) in 14 hours will picket in support of the Tyumen anarchist Andrew Kutuzov. The action will take place within As already reported by the defenders of Kutuzov, beginning with fall 2009, RU FSB in the Tyumen region is a criminal case under Article 280 of the Criminal Code ("Public calls for extremist activities"). In spring 2010, a suspect in this case was assigned to the well-known in the Tyumen civic activist Andrey Kutuzov: anarchist, anti-fascist, a member of the movement "Autonomous Action", a teacher at Tyumen State University, Ph.D. in Philology.

October 12, 2010 Andrei Kutuzov was indicted on 25 November began proceedings in the Magistrate's Court Central District of Tyumen.Kutuzov was charged that on Oct. 30, 2009 at a meeting he handed out leaflets with the headline, "Down with political repression! Ments to the wall! "Containing" extremist "statements.Rally on October 30 was devoted to human rights violations in different regions of the country by the Department to combat extremism (Center "E").

The defendant himself stated that the leaflet was not his, and he has not spread, that supports the conclusion drawn defense of independent experts: the text does not match the leaflets with the text of leaflets, which protest organizers brought to a public event.

January 13, 2011 Moscow anarchists and anti-fascists were trying to hold a series of pickets in defense of Andrei Kutuzov about the FSB building in Lubyanka Square, but this event is disrupted by the FSB and the police.

On the picket on February 5 about representation of the Tyumen region in Moscow anarchists and anti-fascists beat free fake leaflets FSB pageant.Action consistent with the prefecture of the Central Administrative District of Moscow.

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