Moscow anti-fascist hospitalised with a brain injury following a torture by police

26th of August, three plain-clothed officers detained anti-fasict Nikita Nikolaevich Chernobaev in Moscow suburb of Ramenskoye, born 1991.  According to lawyer and human rights activist Mikhail Trepashkin.,Nikita was taken to local premises of Ministry of Interior, where an employee of the security service FSB, began to demand from him a confession for his participation to an action at the administrative building of the city of Khimki July 28, 2010.

During his first interrogation he succeeded to make a phone call to his mother, saying that he was not allowed legal counsel and that he will sign anything police demands. The mother asked: "Are they beating you up?". Nikita answered: "Yes." Chernobaev was only released at 1 AM 27th of August , after having signed a "confession" and an agreement on further cooperation.

After leaving the police station,  mother called an ambulance. Nikita told that they demanded him to sign a confession about having been in Khimki and witnessed some people having participated to the action,  and when he refused, they beat him to the head and other parts of the body, dressed head bag and blocked the air for breathing.

After such torture, he signed everything without reading it. After release, he had visible traces from the  handcuffs on his hands, traces from suffocation around his neck and a black eye.

 Paramedics brought Chernobaev to a hospital where doctors reported traces of torture ito the local police station. They recorded a statement. After that, the same three officers who beat Chernobaev attempted to pick up Nikita from the hospital. For security reasons, he was transferred to a hospital in Moscow However, this step does not guarantee him a calm treatment.

According to Trepashkin, these three police officers first declared to Chernobaev that they are from the criminal investigation, and during interrogation they claimed to be from the FSB,. They flatly refused to give their names.

  Please call to number +7-496-46-342-10, and ask names of the people who tortured him. It is with this phone they called mother of Nikita and tried to find out to which hospital Chernobaev was moved. 


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