Pension goodbye to you

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine proposes Verkhovna Rada to raise the retirement age for women from 55 to 60 years, annually increasing it to 6 months, from February 1, 2011. Stated in the draft 7455 "On measures to ensure the legislative reform of the pension system", registered on the site of the Parliament on 13 December.

According to the explanatory note to this bill, the government proposes to Parliament in 2013 to raise the retirement age for men working in the public service to 62 years.
Also invited to gradually raise the age for women to receive state social assistance from 58 to 63 years and increase the necessary seniority for a pension for long service soldiers, entering at the same time her calendar calculation.

In addition, the Cabinet proposes to the Parliament to exclude from the period, which accounted earnings (income) for calculating the pension, periods when the person subject to compulsory state pension insurance.

This bill proposed to define MekhanEdit the introduction of a funded system of compulsory state pension insurance by providing top of the listing of insurance premiums in the year, which will ensure a balanced budget of the Pension Fund.

The participants of the Level II system to identify persons who at the date of executed no more than 35 years, and the insurance premium on the date of implementation of the system to be set at 2% with subsequent annual increases of 1% to 7%.

It is also proposed to set the maximum amount of pension for those who have lost their working capacity, at 12 the size of a living wage and provide for payment of public sector workers a one-time assistance at retirement of $ 10 monthly pension.

Anyone interested, below is attached analytical article on pension reform.The author - a member of the "Free Union" (Kiev, Ukraine) Denis humpback whales.

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