The rally in defense of the forest Khimki Moscow

August 16, 2010 in Moscow, on Clean Ponds, held a rally in defense of Khimki woods. The event, organized by the "Environmental defense of Moscow Region, brought together about 300 participants. Many of them on their faces or shoulders were drawn numbers 67, reminiscent of the 67% of Muscovites that spoke against laying tracks through the woods Khimki on a survey conducted ekoaktivistami. At the meeting the Leader of the Movement for the Defence KhimkiForest Eugene Chirikov, as well as numerous environmental activists, social and political movements.

In their speeches, speakers talked about the enormous significance for the ecology of the forest Khimki Khimki and Moscow, should be no sale to individuals of such public property as Khimki forest, the illegal and unconstitutional actions of the authorities and developers on the legal lawlessness against the defenders of the forest, in particular, arrested anti-fascists Alexei Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova.

class = "MsoNormal"> The participants were holding banners: "Khimki, Arkhangelsk, Opalykha - who's next?", "Lake and the forest - commons", "Save the forest - save the life of our planet," No to the destruction of forest belts, Moscow! " "Damn, lesoguby!", "decide the fate of forest workers and others.

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At the venue of the rally near the monument Griboyedov was exhibited a series of photographs that reflect the latest episodes that happened in Khimki forest fight forest defenders from the riot police, hired chopovtsami and football fans.

During the rally ekoaktivisty collected signatures under an appeal to the president with an appeal to pave the route Moscow - St. Petersburg, bypassing the Khimki woods.

The rally, which lasted nearly two hours, ended without proisshesVij.



denie defenders Khimki forest

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