Results of the International day of action in defense Solopova and Gaskarova

September 17-20, in the Days of united action for the release of hostages held Khimkinskiy shares in the 31 th city in Russia and the world. At the call of activists involved in the protection and support from Maxima Solopova and Alexei Gaskarova, responded to people from all over the world and with different political beliefs. Many Russian cities rally were organized by the movement "autonomous action". Alex Gaskarov - party "autonomous action" from the very beginning of its existence from Moscow "BP". We publish reports on all actions of solidarity, which at the moment there is information in the network.Source material:,, Photos of shares you can also view these resources.

Even before the official start of Days of united action campaign was launched in Novosibirsk, where local artists staged installation of a police booth, explicitly requires the release of hostages Khimki.
Activists of the Anti-Fascist Zaporozhye held a series of actions in a campaign of solidarity with Russian social activists who are harassed, detained and tortured because of their participation in the protection of forests Khimki.Last week the anti-fascists of the "Kozak сіті" distributed on the streets of leaflets with information about "the Khimki business." At the end of the week, one of the bridges of the city had posted a banner with the slogan "Free the hostages Khimkinskiy!".
Already on September 17 launched a full-scale international company in the Days of unified action.
On this day before the Russian embassy in Stockholm was an action of solidarity, which was attended by a dozen activists from Denmark, Sweden and several CIS countries.
Activists stood with banners and handed out informational materials.Also managed to talk with representatives of the Russian Embassy and give them a collective letter to immediately stop the persecution of activists, to release all detainees from the prison, as well as to stop cutting down forests Khimki. Embassy representatives have promised to deliver a letter to the ambassador. Although it was a small rally, she was spotted by employees of the embassy.
On the same day a group of anti-fascists held a demonstration in front of Russian consulate in New York with a demand to the Russian government to release "Khimki hostages and stop the repression against anti-fascists.The demonstration was attended by more than 20 anti-fascists who supported the Russian comrades and sent a letter to Russian consul.
"Russia is more like a fascist state. While Bonehead and right-wing hooligans attacked, authorities are persecuting anti-fascists.Anti-fascists, who only tried to protect themselves when they became subject to attack neo-Nazis, prosecuted by the authorities. But the current wave of repression against anti-fascist movement is unprecedented, "- said in a leaflet anti-fascists.
September 18 to continue actions in different cities and countries.
On this day, anti-fascists and social activists held a rally in Kiev in support of Alexis Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova. Meeting performance took place before the walls of the Consulate of the Russian Federation. The performance, hosted by participants of the rally in Kiev, demonstrated techniques of the system.People with black bags on their heads, dressed in black, like the prisoners in Russia, have been roped in as the tricolor flag of Russia, representing the victims of the Russian authorities.
On his chest "hostages" instead of the number adorned with the inscription "anti-fascist", "social activist" and "political activist". These inscriptions are a symbol of the real reasons for detention, interrogation and accusations. One of the activists, with traces of beatings on his face covered with a sign "blood" "confession".This illustrated the plight of people during the signing statement, as after interrogation, many detainees have reported to have been tortured, even three were hospitalized, including beatings, brain injury, and traces of suffocation.
During the rally chanted slogans as: "Freedom Khimki hostages!", "Freedom Gaskarova and Solopovu", "They cut fir," "Plant a forest, not activists!". Its organizers were "Antifascist Action" and "RKAS", the rally also attended by activists of the leftist organizations: "Direct Дія", "Вільна спілка, representatives of independent trade unions, and citizens.
Also, on Saturday 18 September, about seventy people gathered in front of Karstadt shopping center in the heart of Düsseldorf, to support the prisoners Alexei Gackarova and Maxim Solopova.The action of solidarity within the international day of action was attended mainly by representatives and representatives of leftist and anti-fascist initiatives of the city.
Time and place was not chosen by chance.Shopping Centre Karstadt, which has branches in almost all major cities in Germany, working with the very same campaign Vinci, which funds cutting Khimki forests and other relating to the felling of ugliness. Subsidiary of Vinci, Vinci-Park, for several years now serves parking Karstadt in several locations and plans to further expand cooperation. The time was also chosen suitable. Saturday afternoon is filled with idle Dusseldorf Shadovshtrasse falter and busy shopping people. For half an hour, which lasted for action, passers-by were given about five thousand leaflets.Many showed interest in the issue.
In Krakow, the day was a rally of solidarity with Alexey Gaskarova and Maxim Solopovym, organized by the Federation of Anarchist section of Krakow, with the support of the comrades of the section Silesia. Before the Consulate General of Russia was stretched a banner «Uwolnić obrońców lasu w Chimkach» («Release defenders Khimki woods!"). It was a speech in Russian and Polish with a demand to release prisoners. Despite Saturday night, attended by officials from the consulate: the consulate was the consular beads, the state flag of Russia also has not been lowered, and the windows were open.
After a 10-minute picket at consulate and shouting «Wolność nie zginie, kremlowskie świnie!» («Freedom not die, the Kremlin pig!") Group marched on the central square of the city to distribute there leaflets.Of course, the police and city guards could not intervene - all participants within 40 minutes of checking documents and copied the data. The protesters all the time making speeches at the Khimki business and state terror as such.
In London, September 18 a conference, organized by the Green Left (green left) and the movement of Socialist Resistance.At the conference with a presentation by legendary Peruvian revolutionary leader Hugo Blanco, who Fidel Castro is often held up as examples in their speeches. In the leaflet Mezhdunarozhnogo Day of Solidarity with Khimki hostages Hugo left his autograph for Maxim Solopova, student-Latinist, one of the two hostages Khimki.Hugo wrote to him in Spanish SOLIDARIDAD CON TODA LUCHA EN DEFENDA DE LA NATURALEZA HB. At the conference to support the rally in support of Alexis and Max made one of the supporters of the Campaign for the Release of Hostages Khimki.
September 19 was probably the most eventful day on the number of shares.
In Moscow, on Clean Ponds, held a rally organized by the Campaign for the release of hostages Khimki, Alexey Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova. The campaign is an independent initiative, which included community activists and unions who hold anti-fascist and leftist nonauthoritarian.The task of the Campaign - to secure the release Gaskarova and Solopova, unlawfully arrested after the rally July 28, 2010 before the administration, Khimki, and put an end to repression against anti-fascists and the defenders of Khimki forests.
The rally gathered from 300 to 400 people. During the action continued to collect signatures for an alternative plotting route Moscow-Petersburg. Participants signed postcards to appeal to the Russian state institutions, demanding the release of Alexey and Maxim.Were distributed special issues of several newspapers published by independent social movements that focus Khimkinskiy topic and issue arrest and illegal detention for two anti-fascists. The demonstrators handed over funds for continuation of the campaign was collected over 15 thousand rubles.
Delivered in this day and St. - Petersburg, where he held a rally-concert. About 150 people, despite the bad weather, gathered in the garden named Chernyshevskogo to protest the actions of the authorities, illegally detaining arrested on suspicion of assault on the administration of Khimki near Moscow.At a rally attended by activists of environmental organizations and social movements, as well as representatives of the Socialist Resistance and "autonomous action".
Speakers expressed support for Alex and Maxim, and encouraged participants to think about the fact that such methods are familiar methods of influencing the authorities at the discontented. Musical support for the action group had a "2K".
In Petrozavodsk the drumbeat sounded the slogans for the liberation of hostages Khimki.Around 30 activists gathered on the main street near the Cafe Neubrandenburg "to support prisoners and demand the immediate cessation of harassment. All 1.5 hour picket accompanied the music played on drums and wind instruments. Some protesters laid paints and pencils, unfurled the paper and began to create drawings and posters depicting protest and solidarity. During the rally raised money for lawyers for detainees, the distribution of information leaflets.
In Yaroslavl, an area of youth, picket, which was attended by activists of Socialist Resistance and the Socialist movement "Forward".The protesters were holding placards demanding the release of "Khimki hostages" and send the track to bypass the Khimki woods. Passer by were given leaflets, describing not only the ins and outs of events occurred in Khimki, in July this year, but also explains why the arrest and Gaskarova Solopova was not the appropriate response authorities.It turned out that many of the Yaroslavl abreast and on the side of himchan against deforestation and the arrest of social activists. For all event watched by representatives of the administration and 4 policemen (one in plain clothes apparently represents the same "center of E"), which demanded that the protesters did not chant slogans as it is in their opinion it is a sound reinforcement. Handing out leaflets for an hour and talked to those citizens who had questions about the situation in Khimki, picketers left.
Irkutsk anarchists and anti-fascists held a rally under the slogan "Freedom Khimki hostages!".Action was supported by environmentalists from the Baikal movement. At the rally came about twenty-five. Protesters handed out leaflets about pyatdesyati passers-signed postcards addressed to the President of Russia to demand the release of Alexey Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova. Its organizers were "independent action"-Irkutsk and Irkutsk anarchists.
As many as two rallies in support of the Moscow anti-fascist prisoners held on September 19 in Tyumen.At 5:00 on the square of unity and harmony began single picket at the same time on the open stage in a shady park members of the movement "Autonomous Action", anarchists and other active people tuned equipment for outdoor concerts. The concert opened a speech about the roots of the problems of cutting down forests Khimki, the arrest of Max and Leschi, then came to the stage a young group Tumen GetXFree. The texts of their songs perfectly suited to the situation: they sang about freedom, equality, justice. Music and speech have attracted the attention not only political activists, but also local residents who came out for a walk in the park in good weather.Total on-site were about fifty students, there were many people from nearby houses, including mothers with children. Children danced to the music and autographs from the musicians, and their parents listened to songs and applauded approvingly.
Next to the scene were displayed informative posters, were distributed magazines, newspapers and other materials. Students were keenly interested in posters, discussing what happens in Khimki.
In Izhevsk, September 19 was the second of the planned actions in the international campaign of solidarity with the arrested anti-fascists Gaskarova Alexey and Maxim Solopovym, as well as other persecuted advocates Khimki forests.The rally was organized by activists of Izhevsk "Autonomous Action". In total, the action was attended by 40 people, among whom were autonomy, the anti-fascists and environmentalists.
During the rally participants demanded the immediate release of illegally detained community activists: Maxim Solopova and Alexei Gaskarova, to stop police repression against defenders of nature and to abandon plans to cut down forests Khimki.During the picket, were stretched out two big banner: "Freedom Khimki hostages!" And "Autonomous Action - Izhevsk, and two smaller banner:" Stop lawlessness! "And" Bandits cut down! Authorities cover! ". In addition, the participants were holding some colorful, painted watercolors, posters, and in the air waving the four black-and-red flag.
Pedestrians react to share approvingly.Many showed interest, asking details of the case, inquired as to how another way you can help the arrested anti-fascists. People are keenly interested in going on, stopped and had a long talk with activists about the events in our country, expressed its concern about ever-increasing police supervision and outrage from authorities. The discussion of those interested citizens joined the protesters, and held posters.
Paris anarchistsand anti-fascists, with the participation of Russian comrades, September 19 held a rally at the festival of Russian films in the cinema center Forum des Images.
Before showing the film Karen Shakhnazarov, "The Rider Named Death" activists unfurled a banner in the auditorium, called for the release of arrested defenders Khimki forests, made brief speeches in French and in Russian, informed the attendees about the circumstances of this case and urged them to take part in campaign for the liberation of hostages Khimki, including coming on September 20 at a rally in front of Russian Embassy in Paris.The activists spoke to one and a half hundreds attending the film screenings and distributed leaflets describing the circumstances of the case. Leaflets have been stylized as flyers, invitations to the Picture Show, on which was written "The Battle for Khimki. Repression in Russia - is not a movie.
September 20 to continue actions both in Paris and other cities around the world.
The Russian embassy in Paris, at seven o'clock in the evening a few dozen people gathered to express their protest and indignation caused by the happening at the moment in Russia lawlessness."International solidarity! Freedom Khimki hostages! "- These slogans were heard during the picket.
Protesters Solidarity in Thessaloniki unfurled a banner near the entrance to the Russian Consulate and handed the guard treatment that he took the consul. The Consul went to the picketers, and he explained the reason for the action and asked to convey the requirements of the picketers release Solopova and Gaskarova the Russian government. 10 minutes later, the consulate officers arrived a special unit for riot control and drove the protesters away.Then the young people moved to the nearest busy street Metropolius and blocked it for a few minutes. Residents of Thessaloniki were given leaflets, the action was organized by the "anti-authoritarian movement."
In Hamburg, a meeting was held at the Consulate of Russia and watch spontaneous demonstration in the pouring rain. Hamburg office in Germany, Russia is in an area Ulenhorst near the Alster lake - including villas and small streets.Before the consulate were about seventy people, the speeches on the situation in Russia and the struggle for Khimki forest. In the pauses the music was playing and chanted slogans for the liberation of Alexei Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova in different languages. After the meeting on the way to the underground parties and participants came to the roadway, again unfurled banners and chanted slogans. The procession lasted for about an hour and ended near the main train station.
London picket in front of Russian embassy.The basis of the organizing committee of picketers were members of the socialist organization of Socialist Resistance. Were present as representatives of the movement of Green Left, ekosotsialisty, predstaitel portal demotix. An hour picket has been distributed to about 200 leaflets and posters. By protesting constantly approached passers-by and asked about the state of roads, the situation of the hostages, the possibility of an alternative route to the highway Moscow-Petersburg (in particular, demanded that the protesters in front of the city administration Khimki, after which, as you know Max and Alex were taken hostage).
Two weeks before the picket in London in support of Leschi and Max by a group of artists, thinkers and activists "What to do?".The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) presents an exhibition of a series URGENT NEED to STRUGGLE (the first in this series was anti-fascist exhibition Nicholas Oleinikova in May this year). By the opening of a circulation of 10,000 copies was released English edition of the newspaper "What should I do?", In which the acute need to combat particular attention was paid to Khimki hostages. On the English-language blog is constantly updated information on the processes associated with Khimki confrontation.
Italian anti-fascists from the group Partizan had a small but quite beautiful solidarity action.On a street in Rome, they had posted a huge banner.
In Kharkov, 20 September a group of Marxists, anarchists and anti-fascists picketed Consulate General of Russia in the street Olminskogo. Speakers at the picket condemned the repressive actions of the Russian authorities and demanded the release of anti-fascists, against whom criminal cases are fabricated.
There was also a parallel between the events in Russia and Ukraine, in the first place - Kharkov.Experience events around Kharkiv Gorky Park showed that the Ukrainian authorities to easily adopt the experience in Repressive area. Picket hung with the banner "Freedom not guilty" and "Freedom Khimki hostages. Chanted "Khimki, we are!", "Freedom and Gaskarova Solopovu!", "People are important gains," and others. In the consulate of Russia refused to accept a protest letter addressed to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia Nurgaliyev.
In Saratov, on the square Chernyshevskogo in the international day of united action in support of Alexis Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova held a rally of solidarity with the defenders of Khimki forests.Pickett, which was attended by about 30 people held under the slogan - "Today - Khimki, tomorrow - Kumyska", "loggers - in Siberia. In addition, participants of the rally was highlighted completely unacceptable fact unjustified arrest of two activists, protesters in Khimki.
Protesters, a sign of solidarity and support for holding the slogans "Freedom Khimki hostages", "Freedom and Gaskarova Solopovu"
During the action took place within an hour were collected several hundred signatures under the appeal support the defenders of the forest and distributed 1,000 leaflets.Protesters emphasize that speaking in defense of Khimki forests, we protect the suburban forests and green areas in their regions, their right to a healthy environment! Construction of an expressway through the Khimkinskiy forest - this is not the first nor the only case where the government's actions have caused irreparable damage to the nature of our country.
In Cheboksary, September 20 became a day of action in support of Alexis Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova.Day in Cheboksary universities activists distributed a leaflet "The situation № 28", dedicated to Khimki Hostages (were distributed about 400 copies). Marposadskoe evening on the highway (one of the main roads in Cheboksary), on the railway bridge were placed banner "No to Repression" and "Freedom Khimki hostages.
Similarly, solidarity actions took place in Istanbul (Turkey), Lucerne (Switzerland) and Berlin.
In one area of Bochum, west of the city center, is the company «G + H Unternehmensservice», entering into the French group Vinci.Within days of action for the release of hostages in the Khimki and neighboring regions activists distributed a thousand leaflets which was the essence of the conflict in Khimki, including the role of the French group Vinci.
Anti-fascists and anarchists Kazan distributed in the days of united action flyers, stickers, graffiti and hung banners.In conclusion, they had two simultaneous picket at different places of the city, during which residents of the city were given to about a thousand flyers. According to participants of shares, many passers-by were interested in the topic pickets read leaflets, telling about his experiences.

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