"I looked at this banner? Now you - an extremist! "

April 1, Irkutsk anarchists held a rally to support their comrades from other cities who are persecuted for their beliefs and action. The anarchists took to the picket with the slogan "I looked at this banner? Now you - an extremist! "This action we wanted to emphasize not only the absurdity of the police, in particular the so-called" Center for E "(Center to combat extremism - police unit deals with the suppression of public activity of citizens), but the absurdity of the persecution of our comrades, which address real social and political problems.For example, - teacher philology from Tyumen, actively oppose police brutality; a case of " "- Alexei Gaskarova and Denis Solopova opposed to cutting down forests Khimki, - Malyshkina Daniel Sundin and Sergei Leonov Vitaly pursued for the realization of art-graffiti campaign, criticism of the political regime.It is obvious that in modern Russia cater to jail or come under investigation for active measures as simple as a look at our banner.

Besides the protesters brought signs, specially drawn for the day fool who portrayed a caricature of the Russian police, as well as posters in support of their comrades.Anarchists have distributed several hundred leaflets. Passers-by actively interseovalis happening and willingly engage in dialogue, expressing support for the persecuted political activists.

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Extremism - it's just an excuse to suppress dissent!

Who is the extremist? As such can be understood as a person performing, as
terrorist activities and public criticism of the state.Due to the blurred
language of the law "On Countering Extremist Activities" in
States appeared comfortable and completely legal way to deal with dissidents. We give several examples of abuse <flexibility>> of the law in different parts of the country.

Tumen.Targeted "fighters against extremism" became a teacher of the Tyumen State. University, Ph.D., as well as social activist Andrey Kutuzov. After lengthy litigation, despite the ridiculous clues ... First - the leaflet, the authorship of which allegedly belongs to Kutuzov. However, her style and it contains spelling errors, do the so-called <<clue>> did not like the material, written by the candidate of philology. Secondly, the discrepancy in the testimony of witnesses for the prosecution, etc.All this has not stopped condemning Kutuzov to two years probation. The court's verdict will be appealed.
Moscow. Sensational <Khimki It>> still has not reached its logical conclusion - we tuvereny, they should be the release of children for lack of evidence. In autumn 2010, Alex and Maxim Gaskarov Solopov held in prison for three months on false charges and still can not get a withdrawal of charges. In a case brought new suspect - Denis Solopov. The next court date is scheduled for April 14.
Barnaul.On the night of February 1, Barnaul anarchists staged a graffiti campaign, which used caricatures of prominent politicians, including President. The action took place under the slogan "You need such companions?" For a prank on the suspects - Malyshkina Daniel Sundin and Sergei Leonov Vitali was a criminal case for "hooliganism", an extreme measure - the deprivation of liberty for up to seven years.

Disorderly conduct, or freedom of creative expression of views?

We want to draw your attention to these matters, as well as to other outrages "law enforcement" agencies across the country.The question remains: Who is next? And how absurd charges can bring tomorrow? Now, under the current law, any social activist or a person capable of critical evaluation of power, is not protected from retaliation repressive state <<Machinery>>.

We call for solidarity to all of you who care about the rights and freedoms!

Anarchists Irkutsk


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