Some of the detainees Belarusian anarchist released

Государство враг человека

Today, September 12, Minsk law enforcement agencies began to publish the anarchists detained in the case of throwing Molotov cocktails, the Russian Embassy on August 30. Nevertheless, at least five people are still behind bars, charged them and did not show. Indymedia Belarus leads the list of issued and is still held by the activists.

№ Name City Arrested released more 01 Anton Laptenok Minsk 3 сентября September 12, 2002 Igor Bogachek Minsk 3 сентября September 12, 2003 Sergei Slusar Minsk 3 сентября September 12, 2004 Nicholas Dedok Minsk on September 3 No 05 Valeria Khotin Minsk 3 сентября September 12, 2006 Alexander Franzkevich Minsk 3 September is not a lawyer could not contact for three days.The result was transported to Soligorsk 07tokens Zhingerovsky Minsk 3 сентября September 12, 2008 Tatiana Seminischeva Minsk on September 8 is not under pressure from the investigation - the bureaucratic arm ripped open with a knife in 2009, Vladimir Volodin Minsk on September 8 not 3 days after his arrest for him did not accept the transfer of 10 Alexander Bugaev Minsk on September 8 not 3 days after his arrest for it did not accept the transfer Continuing searches and interrogations in Minsk, Gomel, Grodno, Soligorsk.According to unconfirmed reports, in Soligorsk two more arrested. All the prisoners are provided with normal lawyers.

Friends and relatives of prisoners asking everyone who wants and can help, write to the address minsksolidarity [at] At the same address to write if you want to transfer detainees to avoid duplication and overlap. Programs are transmitted to all. We accept only 1 per person per day (sometimes not take).

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