There is no revolution without repression

In order to land rights, the State is not required that he committed an illegal act! What dangerous activities for the state, the more it bites back. But repression and armed violence on human beings have never stopped the attack on the state and the desire to destroy it. It never once did not succumb, is resisting the enemy to drive into a trap.
In distant England in the old days the state could not his armed force, violence and killings to stop piracy. Then they resorted to other tricks, it legalized piracy.In the far distant past Russia in the empire could not have his armed force and summary executions to suppress the freedom of the Cossacks. Then it does not simply legalized the Cossacks, it began to finance it. In the far distant past in Europe, the bourgeoisie could not all acts of violence, repression and prisons to suppress the fighting workers' trade unions. Then she let them legalized. And what happened to piracy, the Cossacks and the trade unions?
To disarm the rebels, the powers that be legalized struggle against the state capital.Moreover, it provides its own law for the destruction of the state, judges' offices for the execution of justice and security for events that want to destroy the security system. But capital is not averse to create funds to support the revolutionary and radical struggle to finance the anarchy and to grant financial assistance for the destruction of the financial system of capitalism.
State and capital have won - they legalized the revolution!
They split the attack on those who defend the alleged conquest of freedom - a legal fight, and the rebels, which the first accused that they just ruin everything, from their actions no benefit other than repression and complexity of the legal struggle.The state capital is afraid of illegals, afraid that the revolution will be uncontrollable, unpredictable and out of their political plans. To maintain the illusion of fighting the revolutionaries, the government resorted to the tactic of tightening the legal fight that set the revolutionaries immediately mobilized all its forces to defend a legal means of struggle. This is exactly what you want those in power to fight not against them, and for permission to destroy the state and capital.

Do not be a revolution without the repression!
If you, comrades, do not want to repression, then destroy the prison! And do not blame my friends who already have that because of this you are repressed.If we are to be repressed, it is better for the Revolution, than a harmless sheep. And remember, it's easier to punish the defenseless and those who will not back bite. Not rebels substituted under your strikes the state, and you yourself substitutes under repression.
When people are thrown not to work on the fabrication, then they are right, let the next time doing something against the state and destroys it.And let everyone know that if you do not destroy the state, you will still be in jail. But it is precisely these prisoners of conscience elevated to the rank of the revolutionaries, highlighting the background of those who sit for the Revolution. The revolution has always been, is and remains outside the law.

Our actions seem misbehavior, because you prefer to sit at home and wage war on the Internet. When one person or group in any city set fire to the center of E - it's hooliganism, which is not so noticeable and harmless.But when thousands of people independently of each other in dozens of large and medium-sized cities on fire center Eh, it does not look like a hooligan antics - this is the flame of revolution.
When one person or group in any city lights the bank, it is not so much damage. But when thousands of people independently of each other in dozens of large and medium-sized cities set fire to banks, it has serious damage to the capital. And moreover, when this happens regularly - then no insurance company will cover such damage would not, or she goes bankrupt, or create astronomical amount for insurance.
And only you, as a fortress, will continue to pay the tax, covering all the damage from the destruction of the rebel, instead rise up and join the insurgency.You still think that the tax - theft of state, will be spent on those with whom a rip off. Rob not to come back.

Can continue growing louder and louder screamingThen the revolution, about the unfairness of the state and capital, on police brutality, can increase the amount of breath that it will scream, but when you're tired of their cries of power, then you will be put, and you can not do anything against it, but to continue to scream and overstrain throat.

We are not saying that you should do, we do not urge you to do it, we'll talk about what has been done.
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