Trimmed in Zhukovsky

August 21 in Zhukovsky were detained about 100 people. Impenetrable (according to eyewitnesses) is pretty tough, took part riot, some managed to escape. Young people are in town for a hardcore concert, collected funds from which were supposed to go to the aid of orphanages. Musicians hardcore regularly conduct such concerts, believing it my duty to visit children's homes and to feed the homeless.

On this day in Zhukovsky, a meeting was planned for one of the local environmental problems, but it was not agreed.Our authorities think templates: now they are everywhere waiting for the recurrence of Khimki and rush to each subkulturschika, seeing in it the potential rioters. Besides vintezh hundred people gives an opportunity to fill the base of fingerprints and search among them the possible protesters in Khimki. Today's arrest in Zhukovsky not the first - a few days after his arrest and Solopova Gaskarova povincheny were also members of the informal soccer tournament somewhere in the area Kupavna.

Unfortunately, to resist such detention is difficult.Cops find any reason: obscene language, "to relieve themselves on the observations of police officers did not react", etc. and make the arrest was "lawful". If apprehended immediately a hundred people, as this time, blame them that they all wrote in the street or using foul language at the same time, it becomes difficult. Then invent an abstract violation of public order and prevention conversation, for which supposedly was taken to the police. The fact that in this case forced to roll his fingers even more illegal, no one cares.Typically, in the department of youth hard pressed, and fear of broken ribs and a concussion, which in our offices are not uncommon, she agrees to run-in fingers. And the cops are required to draw up protocols - at least, the protocol is brought, but they often make for such a crowd there is nothing they want, just trying to weed out in her most suspicious.

The fact that this kind of stripper awaken only hatred for the cops and the state, concerned authorities seem to last.

Most detainees were released about 21 hours from the department, but the concert was canceled.Someone was still in the police department. At least one of the detainees in Zhukovsky was taken to the police department Khimki, handcuffed.


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