In Tyumen Khimkinskiy hostages supported street concert

As many as two rallies in support of detainees Moscow anti-fascists held this Sunday in Tyumen.

At 5:00 on the square of unity and harmony began man picket on the problem, this time on the open stage in a shady park members of the movement "independent action", the anarchists and other active people tuned equipment for the outdoor concert. All this was part of the International Days of Action for the Liberation of Alexei Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova (17-20 September).

The concert opened a speech about the roots of the problems of cutting down forests Khimki, the arrest of Max and Leschi, then came to the stage a young group Tumen GetXFree.The texts of their songs perfectly suited to the situation: they sang about freedom, equality, justice.

Music and speech have attracted the attention not only political activists, but also local residents who came out for a walk in the park in good weather. Total on-site were about fifty students, there were many people from nearby houses, including mothers with children. Children danced to the music and autographs from the musicians, and their parents listened to songs and applauded approvingly.Hardcore seems to be unusual for the ear ordinary citizen, like the present: the audience to finish the concert kids asked to sing an encore for a long time not released from the scene. Asked when will the next concert.

But Tyumentsev attention to the issue of the Moscow attracted not only speeches and songs.Near the scene were displayed informplakaty, distributed magazines, newspapers and other materials. Students were keenly interested in posters, discussing what happens in Khimki. As a result of a summer scene at once, was used for the purpose, but people got boring example of civic activism.

Problems have arisen with the police nor the lonely picket or visitors outdoor concert.

"The purpose of our performance today was to attract people to the problem of Khimki prisoners.People are facing serious time for what they did. This is completely wrong. Looking for something to do, but our voice is heard from afar, but only if it will affect many voices of discontent. Let's hope that the forest will survive, and the boys liberate "- action commented vocalist GetXFree Denis.


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