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Autonomous Action - Tyumen required to justify Andrey Kutuzov

Picket in support of Andrei Kutuzov held on March 24 Tyumen "Autonomous Action". Per share, in the past on the area of ​​unity and harmony, it's about fifteen people, not counting journalists. The activists unfurled a banner "Free Andrew Kutuzov" and "No to political repression!".

At the last names were Alexei Gaskarova, Maxim Solopova, Tatiana Stetsury, Hope Nizovkinoy and others, which the government now pursues politically motivated.

In addition to banners and red and black flags activists were also posters with pictures of the process.Portraits Judge Helen Garipova and representatives of the prosecutor Denis Shcheglov and Anatoly Cupecoy accompanied by quotations, the most complete, according to activists to characterize the role of these characters in the "theater of the absurd." Thus, the judge Garipova repeating: "Reject a defense motion!".

Passers-by who did not know about the "reality of Kutuzov, could read the details on informstende and in leaflets. Moreover, leaflets, made in the style of theatrical utilities that has attracted considerable interest. Some even asked where and when you can watch the play "Tyumen theater of the absurd" with Kutuzov, Cupecoy and others in the lead roles.Had to explain that the play had already passed and no one knows. when repeated. "It may be true to create a theater?" And to think the play is not necessary, and people go ... " - Thought the activists.

However, the continuation of the submission is expected in the next two weeks: the accusations of "extremism" anarchists appealed to the District Court Central District of the city. Court date to be appointed by the court within two weeks.Remarkably, the prosecution also plans to appeal the decision Garipova: State considers that the two-year suspended sentence - the punishment is too soft for a nonexistent crime.

PS area of ​​unity and harmony lives up to its name not only in the sense that her on the day agreed and merged the Tyumen social activists. On the picket could also be seen touching the unity government and law enforcement agencies. In the middle of the area intimately communicated by the representatives ofconsists of four different structures: a novel Malygin (Head of the sector to work with associations of the city administration), Elshan Jafarov (Head of Department for Interaction with the political parties and public associations of the Committee for Nationalities Affairs Administration of the Tyumen region), and has long been bored all the young operative Centre "E - frequenter of the protest rallies.


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