Action in defense of activist Alexei Malinin

Today, October 5, in Irkutsk on the area of Labour held a picket in defense of Alexei Malinin, community activists, chased by operatives of the Centre for countering extremism. The action took place in spite of bad weather and was held near the courthouse, which was scheduled at 10:00 am hearing. During the picket to the protesters approached the Center "E" - Putyato Dmitry V., who led the rapid development in the case of Alexei, and demanded to give him a leaflet, or to verify their contents. One of the protesters refused to do so, and after a little persuasion, in the spirit of "give me one, I just see" detective was forced to leave with nothing.

Consideration of the merits was not held today due to absence of witnesses and the victim, who is known in the Irkutsk neo-Nazi Eugene Panov.At the moment he passes as a defendant in the high-profile case of an attack on the camp of environmentalists in 2007. The next hearing on the case Malinin scheduled for October 18.

Recall that the 30-year-old Alexei Malinin Center staff to combat extremism in the attempted assault charge without causing harm (st.116 Part 1 of the Criminal Code) Eugene Panov, nicknamed Boomer.He "recognized" in Alexei alleged assailant in April this year, on his person. Now the case is in the Kirov district court.

Alex is a man with an active civil position and participates in community activities in Irkutsk, engaged participation in the authorized shares for the protection of human rights and freedoms, the environment and animals. Also Alex is the head of the social center for children in the village near Irkutsk.He was forced to suspend classes for children because of the constant pressure from law enforcement agencies.

More details about the pressure on Alexis can be found .

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