The lesson of literature. Action to support civic activists persecuted by "extremist" articles in Irkutsk.

At night, February 5, Irkutsk anarchists posters adorned the walls of the city known "extremists" from which to watch passers-by "father of Russian literature - Pushkin, Gorky, Tolstoy, Mayakovsky - and in a very unambiguous terms to express their thoughts.

The current anti-extremist legislation, due to blur the language is increasingly being used by repressive agencies of the state to deal with dissidents. Today, the "extremist" article pursues Tyumen lecturer and an anarchist Andrey Kutuzov and human rights activist from Ulan-Ude H adezhda Nizovkina and Tatiana Stetsura. Their "guilt" is just that they criticized ("incite hatred", as the Act) the police, power and intelligence.However, we can not understand that the "extremist" article - just a convenient tool for political persecution. To suppress the unwanted use of other methods: they throw drugs, weapons, was sentenced to atforcibly in mental hospitals.

Moreover, we believe that the case is fabricated Kutuzova - leaflet containing extremist appeals, fabricated by the staff of the Tyumen Center to combat extremism.

Having endured the streets "uncombed" words and ideas of world famous poets and writers, we want to demonstrate that "the great Russian literature", which is one of the pillars of the patriotic myth, but it is also a storehouse of "extremist wisdom."If current law enforcement officers have undertaken to deal with "troublemakers" if they are ready encroach upon the names that each of us knows from childhood? Obviously, the ready. At least talking about this absurd court decisions, according to which extremist utterances recognized by Leo Tolstoy. Maybe many of the "great" yet to add to the list of extremists.

We are confident that the current attempts to "clean out" from public consciousness every freethinking doomed to failure.Oppression, outrage and desire for total control - here's what really excites people's hatred for government, law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

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