Belarus: the detention of activists continued on September 8

Morning, Sept. 8, 2010 were detained and placed in Akrestsin two more of our friends - Tatiana Semenischeva (which had already been sent home after being detained and searched on September 7) and Vladimir Volodin, the Belarusian anarchist and libertarian activist. Tatiana suspected of involvement in the incident near the Russian Embassy. Vladimir Volodin - to arson door Branch Belarusbank May 1, 2010. As in the previous seven detainees, young people are social activists.

Vladimir Volodin antiatomic involved in the campaign, promoting alternative energy, is the Council of the Green Party, is co-author of the critics screening (assessment of environmental impact) on the U.S., Belarus.Tatiana Semenischeva participate in the actions of Food Not Bombs ", during which activists help the poor and homeless with food and clothing, from time to time engaged in volunteer work in shelters for homeless animals. We all know Tanya as a sympathetic and kind person, always ready to help.

During interrogation, Tanya defiantly cut her hand stationery knife.We do not know all the details of this act, but one thing is clear - he was not placed on the proper treatment of police officers. After her first aid, questioning continued.

Now Tanya and Volodya are the detention center at Akrestsin. According to some reports, they hold out there for at least three days.

The repression against the activists are not limited to Minsk: Soligorsk and Gomel social activists also taken away for interrogation by policemen. Until more precise information on the number of questioned and their fate has been received.

Detention ecologist Vladimir Volodin and Tatiana Semenischevoy engaged in humanitarian and charitable activities, shows that in the investigation there has been panic tension: miss began to accuse anybody of anything.This is confirmed by Sept. 8 arrest made (by all the same suspicion standard) two members of rightist organizations, directly opposite the anarchists on the views and principles of life: Igor Chapygi ofRight Alliance and Sergei Popov of the Freedom Party.

Detainees are Sept. 3 on suspicion of assault at the Embassy of seven of the activists had not been indicted, according to some reports, the investigating authorities have switched to drawing on their involvement in the affairs of other obscure episodes.

Friends and relatives of arrested

Contact: minsksolidarity [at]

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Meanwhile, the incident with the throwing of the Russian Embassy in Minsk has already caused a small international scandal."Russia's Foreign Ministry demanded that the Belarusian authorities to prevent the recurrence of such shares. September 1 President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said he would not rule out involvement in the incident of the Russian side. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called it blasphemous statement. (Source: )


The case of the attack on the Russian Embassy in Minsk downgraded to a heavy article of the Criminal Code, SROto extended detention

Attack of the anarchists in the IVS Akrestsin

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Belarus: the kidnapping of social activists, law enforcement officials

According to some reports, the Russian Embassy in Minsk attacked anarchists / A>

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