Boyne Festival Tornado eyes of musicians and witnesses

The tragedy happened during a performance of "Cockroaches!". Says group leader Dmitry "Sid" Spirin, who from the scene saw what was happening on the field.

- We performed a second song - "Men with electric guitars. And then he saw a crowd of thugs, naked to the waist.

They were, I would say, ran a large organized crowd toward the stage. So I start thinking that this is simply an organized group of fans run to take a seat closer to the stage. Then they became wedged already standing in the crowd, using pnevmanicheskoe weapons.It was a lot of shots - not one or two. We certainly strained.

- They were on the scene going?

- No, but they shot at us - then found a bullet on the scene. We, of course, that were initially seen. Just stop the music remained on the scene and wait for this outrage is over. We thought that now guards quickly will understand, but this did not happen. When it became clear that disperse them no hurry, we went to wait for the scene. I really can not tell what was happening was stopped by someone's actions.It looked like a planned action, which ended shortly after as people did their job.

 «Мы исполняли вторую песню — "Мужчины с электрогитарами". И тут увидели эту толпу» The leader of the group "Cockroaches!" Dmitry "Sid" Spirin: We performed a second song - "Men with electric guitars.And then he saw the crowd " - And what happened to the attackers?

- They did it simply: wearing T-shirts and dissolved in the crowd, went into the woods. We have honored the Internet, listen to the organizers and talk behind the scenes. It was found that the majority view, we found ourselves in the midst of local squabbles. As I understand it, the organizers of our fest, Tornado, gemmated year ago from a similar event "Ural abroad.So this year there were two different parties, with the difference in a week. Ural line "was held just a week ago, and whether because of the participants, whether because of bad weather, he passed a failure. And like almost from the filing of the organizers of the "bounds" it happened - that diskredetirovat local administration to "Tornado" was no more than ever. Because the audience would not go to the fest, which is not addressed basic security issues. In general, there were many versions: it is almost disassembly shashlychnikov, but it's all garbage.It was a kind of paramilitary group, the attackers were physically well prepared, and all were armed with: traumatic pistols, baseball bats ...

- They say that they were skinheads.

- You know, in Russia adopted similar measures to ascribe "skins". The only thing I can say - they are not shouting any slogans. Yes, and shaved nalyso almost was not. Even if they did, it would mean nothing. Those who "ordered" the attack, was beneficial to all wheeled barrel on the local skinheads, who do not like large gatherings.But they were not like - they were adults sports guys who act confident and settled.

- You have returned to continue the statement. Probably, it was difficult?

- We were not easy. It was not clear whether we are doing. Because only that people have seen their friends drop in the bloody dust and no one protects. And these people just fled in panic themselves, and here comes the rock group, which proposes to continue the concert. At a time when we went on stage, we repeatedly clarified that no one died.If a girl, about which they write, really died, it's just terrible. Again, we repeatedly asked again to the organizers, whether to speak again. And the audience, of course, have learned. But as many have expressed the wish that the concert went on, we still did it. And only at the very end, when we began to sing the song "What does not kill you", which is very sad to read about was in the audience a little.

What about blogger

Under the guise of visitors Tornado clean out to the skin

It is not clear who it was.Whether the attackers, whether visitors to the festival, chose to enrich themselves, while others are licking their wounds. On a page in kontakute devoted to the festival "Tornado", people have created the topic, which are trying to figure out who that was lost.

Nastasia Menshchikova: "Personally, we opened the car, holding the glass (well at least not broken), pulled out a gas burner, gas, thermos, a set for a picnic, jeans and shoes (fortunately they were found nearby).

Ivan Volkov: "I was on ... bnuli near the machine.Took away our money and phone. Perhaps, it is now very happy ... "

Catherine Shatunova: "Cperli all cosmetics, podzaryadnik, bottle! Socks and underwear even pinched! Theft, which is beyond any logical explanation?! The neighbors do all bags with belongings stolen.

"We were warned that it is better not to stay"

In LJ also actively discussed what had happened. That's what the eyewitnesses say.

- Have seen how it all began.To the north entrance (where you run the musicians) came up to a large number of machines, including many expensive foreign cars. Blocked all the way, then as a team began to take off shirts, get armaturiny, pipe, crowbar, crowbars. As soon as the intro played "cockroaches!", They are building went through the gate, about 100 people (ovek). Protection of the fest did not manage to block the gate (if it were possible). Further, this crowd headed for the main stage. On the field, they stretched chain, and the carnage began. After 10 minutes they were in small groups began to run out of the gate, throw off their scrap metal under the car was parked in the bushes.Quickly getting into a car and left. Stop them nobody tried. Later came the police and special forces. They then combed the area around the festival and the forest.

- ... In front of a huge two-meter walking skinyara and led them to a ...

- As if we had gone in the morning ... A lot of us who warned that it is better not to stay ...

- Actually before the "cockroaches!" From all sides began to smarten up groups.When before the concert accidentally saw a metal bat in the hands of one of them, she thought - a joke. Just by chance had passed ...

- Have you seen them at the gates, guards just run them, but cops said that it was just a rider like that will watch the concert ... through the gate.

- Just phoned a friend, she's there yet. He says they were told at the gate, 140 people. Then she saw how the throng at the fest with knives, pipes, clubs. First of bikers walked further. They say there are two corpses and a lot of wounded, now there is a lot of riot police.They have themselves a tent outside the territory was, in my remnants of that crowd came through the entrance to the protection that they missed without problems, but ordinary spectators asked to wait or leave. They disappeared very quickly, when I ran one of these horses, just put on a T-shirt and was like everyone else.

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