Case Shavenkovoy. Flash-mob in Irkutsk

This evening was held in Irkutsk, a flash mob, on the situation
around the so-called "Case Shavenkovoy" thundered across the country. About
thirty people at the time actually blocked the vehicular traffic
in front of the regional administration, "walking" up and down

The reason for that street protest was the unprecedented, with
point of view of participants, the verdict of the Kirov District Court
Irkutsk.Anna Shavenkova shoot down in December last year, two women,
one of whom died due to injuries, while the second was
disabled, was sentenced to three years in prison colony with delayed
sentence of 14 years. In addition, the culprit was an accident and denied
right to manage traffic within three years.
Sufficient reason to delay sentencing court considered the presence of a
the defendant's minor child (6 March, already under investigation,
Shavenkova birth to a son).
However, according to the flash-mob, the matter is not that
Shavenkova became a mother.Rather, much more important than another fact -
that she - the daughter of the chairman iruktskogo oblizbirkoma Ludmila

According to one of the protesters, anarchists, Basil, "the main thing in
this whole affair - that it shows how deep today
the gap between the "people power" and those who are forced to this power
obey. By those who write the laws, and those who must implement them.
Between "them" and "us". And the laws for those and other similar only
paper.Criminal cases fabricated against social activists
movements out of nothing, "ordinary" women who have committed and less
serious crimes, separated from their children, who often
all sent to an orphanage, and at the same time - this is an example - the court and
prosecutors turn a blind eye to the crime committed by bureaucratic
offspring. I hope that many people have no illusion
rule of law and democracy, this will serve as a good
lesson. Who else will believe in the raconite current government, if
representatives of the authorities flout the laws so unceremoniously?

Anarchists Irkutsk

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