Day of Wrath in Ufa

August 12 Activists of various social organizations such as the autonomous action of Ufa, the Left Front, Komsomol "Young Bashkortostan", NGO "For Human Rights and Citizens in the Republic of Belarus" MOU "Protecting the housing rights of the citizens of Ufa, as well as residents of built-up yards and sympathizers took to the streets to protest against the political persecution of social activists, including a demand to stop the prosecution of Alina Zhukova - daughter of human rights activist Almira Zhukova, the immediate release from house arrest of Alexei Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova - Khimki forest defenders and to cease deforestation Khimki forest; protest in connection with point construction of houses, particularly in the streets Parkhomenko, Prospectus of October and May Day inUfa.

People are tired of endlessly engage in street battles with security guards from ChOPov and thugs hired by unscrupulous companies and decided to organize themselves point construction, directly under the windows of the mayor of Ufa Kachkaeva.

The activists were placed on the area a few tents, symbolizing the home, illegally erected on the playground without the consent of the inhabitants of the surrounding houses.

No there were no representatives from various law enforcement agencies, who tirelessly spent another photo and video activists.The event took place without ekstsesov, at the end of a picket peacefully.

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