Dropkick Murphys recorded a new song in support of workers in Wisconsin!

In America not so much rock and roll groups, solidarity with the trade union movement as well as the . It is not surprising that the group released their new song "Take 'Em Down" in support of thousands of union workers of Wisconsin and their supporters protesting against the draconian budget plan, prinyatnogo governor of the state. Part of an effort to support the working group is to work with the SEIU and other unions and federations of labor for that song could sound at rallies across the country. Slushyte it here: In a statement published today, the group said: "We would like to take a moment to pay tribute to the struggle of the workers in Wisconsin, and to express our support and solidarity for the publication of the song 'Take Em Down' from the forthcoming album.We believe it is appropriate to the moment and hope that you enjoy it ... Dropkick Murphys, along with Wisconsin! "Despite the fact that it is - a fantastic show of support and solidarity, a group of them was not limited to - they have also released a limited edition T-shirts" Take 'Em Down ". Revenues from sales of T-shirts will be sent to " . "T-shirt can be ordered . SEIU members and all who fight for their rights in Wisconsin (link opens in a new window so that you can continue to play) Source:

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