Employees of the company "EmbaMunaiGas began an indefinite strike

Since early July workers of the production branch "EmbaMunaiGas JSC Exploration Production KazMunaiGas (KMG) began an indefinite strike. The reason for this action was an attempt by the company's management to introduce a new method of calculation, and payroll. The workers are confident that with the new payroll system will be lifted allowances for adverse conditions. in terms of leadership is changing the main part of wages: bonuses for work in the industry will be lifted.

"Oil industry enterprises" EmbaMunaiGas disagree with the plans of management to change the wage system.At the moment the strike involved 200 people. If management does not make concessions, then the number of participants in the strike could grow to 1500 people.

However, the press-service of JSC Exploration Production KazMunaiGas refute this information.

"This is incorrect information ... A number of workers actually refused to go to work, they did not agree with certain provisions of the new wage, but after sensitization had been achieved positive results, and now everything in the workplace", - reported in the press-service.

"People have already received a new salary, a significant increase, that is, people already in the hands of the money and felt that this was not the promises, but real change, a significant increase, and all agreed with the unions.In general, companies are normally ", - stressed in the press service of KMG.

Previously, from 1 to March 18, 2010 has been declared a strike in the production branch "Ozenmunaygaz" KMG EP.Employees of the branch making demands for the return of affiliate status AO Ozenmunaygaz, 1997, change management and production subsidiary of KMG EP, released from his post of chairman of the union, the abolition of the transition to a new system of remuneration and competitive system of recruitment, reducing the annual production plan and a number of others.

The total loss of production during the protest, according to preliminary estimates, amounted to 12 thousand tons.

JSC Exploration Production KazMunaiGas is a subsidiary of JSC National Company KazMunaiGas.KMG EP is in the top three oil producers in Kazakhstan.


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