"Everyone is entitled to their 15 minutes of power"

From the editors of Kommersant by e-mail yesterday contacted hiding from law enforcement organizer of the pogrom administration Khimki. This man's name wording is unknown, we know only that it was he during the campaign led by a column of anarchists and activists "antifa", shouting into a megaphone slogans. By refusing to tell where he is today, an activist agreed mode of Internet chat (style retained) to answer questions from Kommersant.

The evening of 28 July, several hundred anarchists and activists "antifa" in protest against the felling of forests Khimki smashed windows with stones, painted walls proclaiming "Save the Russian forest and administration building Khimki threw smoke bombs (see"Kommersant" on 29 July). In hot pursuit the police failed to apprehend any of the protesters. After one day the police detained the activists "antifa" Alexei Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova. In fact the attack on the administration of Internal Affairs of the Moscow region initiated proceedings under Art.213 of the Criminal Code ("Hooliganism").

- The newspapers said that the protesters gathered at the Pipe Square for a concert, and from there went to Khimki. It was a spontaneous decision, or they knew where to go?

- Everyone was expecting some developments. The atmosphere was strained to the limit, everybody was obvious that our eyes ripen some fruit of absolute evil, not to disrupt that would be an unforgivable omission. Everyone was waiting for some developments.

- It is one thing to wait, and another - to get up and go, and so that no one will know - neither the police nor the security services.This gives grounds for talk of provocation, about your relationship with the police, etc.

- For our community any more or less a concert, any event - like a military operation. People were constantly cut, this is a real war that has lasted for many years. By all always ready. In fact, since the event was not anything particularly outstanding - the action was peaceful, no one will cut and not killed.

- But how confidence that you are not among the informants?

- That there is no certainty, but there is no sense that there was something really wrong.In our country, freedom of assembly and so on - the question is, who had enough guts to own constitutional rights.

- How to correctly identify the participants? Antifa? Anarchists?

- We are not talking about any party or organization. In Moscow there is a stratum of people who are not watching TV - you can call them bloggers, subkulturschikami, makyuzerami (users of computers Apple .- "b") - whatever you like. Just people who are one step ahead of people, for whom routine and standard differ somewhat from those we provide "first channel".

- Still, not everyone makyuzer will hit the window in the building authority.

- Each makyuzer wants it:).Because these guys around Moscow, and their colleagues got to be oak. All remnants of this scoop - he got it, really.

- The defeat of the buildings discussed in advance? The action gives the impression of a very well planned.

- Damn, we all cut at the concerts already past six years. In Moscow, all these years was a real war of annihilation - with podkladyvaniem explosives, sniper fire, car chases in cars and other things.Again, an event in Khimki was not particularly complex and not in need of some planning.

- Just want to understand how it's done. Gathered: "Let?" - "Come on!" Or otherwise?

- There are blogs and expectations - some created for others.

- The action really goes on those two or three minutes, which stated police department?

- A video about the campaign lasts 9 minutes and 40 seconds. It's almost all action, pacing there was nothing.

- How did you go uncaught and go on the train in front of the entire city?

- Khimki - busy station.At 8:00 pm on a weekday there are trains every ten minutes.

- Throw something police cars - a criminal offense. What prompted you to knowingly commit a criminal offense?

- I will answer as well as leaders Khimki: you can not make an omelet without breaking eggs.

- Splinters - who is this?

- Cops:).

- I thought you were talking about those members of the "antifa" movement, which now sit in jail.

- People who are in jail, do not commit crimes, and to prove the contrary, no one will, because it is not.They are hostages in the hands of bandits and, I hope, will be released in the courtroom.

A hundred times, says: they have, because nobody else was impossible to take. They were all famous people, their phones are all journalists, have operatives, from anyone. Khimki guys do not use the Internet and does not monitor such details - they are stuffed into the cars of those who could.

- You probably understand that this action will not forgive and will crush, sit and so on?

- And here is forgiven.Was not committed any criminal offense, even administrative offenses are not particularly clear - there was no arson, mutilation, too. It's simple for us, let Strelchenko (Chapter urban district of Khimki .- "b") is not worried.

- Who forgives?

- Public opinion, normal people from the apparatus of power - everything from housewives to the generals. Strelchenko and his boys влипли so deeply that to punish these people do not need a separate authorization.Their failure is that they are from the 90's, banal bandits. Now it is unfashionable.

- You are constantly on aktsentiruete Strelchenko and Khimki guys "- do you think the federal law enforcers in this story do not participate?

- Damn it, not they, all would have looked much more respectable. It would not be such fools lyapov like "caught red-handed" and others. The feds do not go for such blatant and flagrant violations. In Khimki Moscow center operates here "E" - and it is generally known psychopaths, there nothing to add.

- The phrase "Russian Forest" and the Slavic script on your posters gave a reason for critics say that the rally is not anti-fascists, and some nationalists.

- Our posters - a postmodernist game of meanings and words.We stylish guys. Leaving unnecessary people masturbate to what they like.

- In any case, your campaign seems excessively harsh, do not you?

- These men ask themselves the style of communication. They are macho, they respect the power and not respect the law - as is fashionable in some circles, but hell, this country is full of people who want to play by those rules! You do not respect the law - we are too.You love to show strength - wait, we are. Everyone is entitled to their 15 minutes of power in this society.

- You describe now a civil war.

<> - I see the threshold of a new stage of social evolution in our country. This year, for the townsfolk was finally discovering that the police - it is just one of many armed groups in our country. There are still many important discoveries.The question is how much power would be tricky in the face of millions of people who gradually cease to believe in television.

- That's honestly - you personally important this forest?

- Yes, there is no timber long time - to hell with the forest! This is a war against criminals, to say briefly. We all fell for a charming version of a Rambo-style: corrupt bandits, raiders Nazis - what could be more impressive, what could be more beautiful? How funny movie script about the inflated men. Excellent story received its beautiful continuation.For some absolute evil manifested itself as cutting idiotic shelterbelt, some incurable disease. Someone had to be orderly.

- A terrorist can also be said about himself that he is a medic.

- Let's not about terrorists. In the case of Khimki incident we have left no chance critics - here it was all too obvious, our opponents were too bad to even stutter on the illegality of our actions. All the polls show 80 percent approval. In general, during the action struck me most strongly with general approval of all the people we met on his way.And it is not even an exaggeration for the interview, I myself was surprised - all the old women, men with work, teenagers, Gopnik - all were very happy. In the Administration building was no longer anyone, but the entire area had gathered in a semicircle of rush hour, they all had happy faces. This citywide celebration. And when we were still going from the station, anywhere-wishers flocked guides - show where the administration building. When the first ranks of our columns talking where to turn, so once all sides flew local - to prompt and lead.Very many witnesses join the rally. Everywhere were heard praise. In this town every dog knew what he was doing the local administration, this not surprise anyone. People were very happy.

- Are you acquainted with the leader of the defenders of the forest Eugenia Chirikova and environmentalists, protecting the forest less radical than you, means?

- From Chirikova not know. Ecology is concerned, but personal details are not drawn.

- If you were in jail on this case, how would you build your line of defense?

- The entire process - an infernal fantasy, a huge scandal.If Khimki judge chickened out and begin to sculpt the bull would be the Constitutional Court, and The Hague, a full set. All too sweet and nice that such missed.

- But people will still sit - those two are caught, someone else - perhaps you, too.

- Brad, nonsense. Not to see if Russia or loans from the IMF or some indulgences.

- You are someone promised?

- European Court of Human Rights has promised the Council of Europe. But I'm sure - none of this happens in the Kremlin political strategists sit normal, Khimki nonsense - too tough task for them.

- Yes, the same vice versa - is tempting for an enemy that hits the window and policemen.You can get the budgets for years to combat such an enemy.

- It's dreary. This is not a rustic farm Nazis or the NBP. This - is history, evolution of society, it is above all of us. The fact that this is a collective farm and cops better start to understand these things and do not flog a fever. We - this is the very evolution of society.

- Do you call yourself, makyuzerov with the police have any relationship? You are dealing with someone from the police or intelligence services?

- Part of the cops - themselves makyuzery and bloggers.Whatever they were given no indication they had of this one involved will always act somewhat differently than Khimkinskiy guys.

- Are not you afraid that you - an element of a game, which leads not you?

- This game is the very history of the development of our society, do not be afraid of pathos. To some of the major men may feel that he is leading the game - but in fact it is history.

- If the government uses Khimki as a pretext for further tightening the screws, would you feel responsible for it?

- It is unlikely this will happen.One is too grotesque to begin upon the repression of the federal scale. Rather Strelchenko end, but not us.


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