"Khimki hostage" gave interview to "Rain"

In the evening air of "Rain" from 18.17 to 18.33 was a story about the release of Alexey and Maxim, they themselves were in the air (TV channel "Rain"). Recall Gaskarov Alex, one of the two "Khimki hostages, was today (22 October 2010.) released in the courtroom on his own recognizance.

E Something happened at 12.25. After registration of legal formalities, campaigners for the release of hostages held Khimki with Alexis a few hours in discussions of what happened to him and what was happening outside.Alex asked me to thank all those who fought for the liberation of his Solopova and Maxim (Max was released on bail on Monday, October 18).

Another important thing: Alexey and Maxim charged. This means that the investigation against them are completed, they are now with lawyers will be familiar with the case. And then, maybe a month and a half - court. The court, which may well sentence them to stints up to seven years. So, of course, a public campaign for the withdrawal from them of all charges necessary to continue

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