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Detachment of riot police near Moscow yesterday held a special operation to detain head movement to protect forests Khimki Eugenia Chirikova. Blocking journalists, policemen were waiting for her at the press conference on the attack on the Khimki administration, was taken to the station and interrogated the whole day. In the Moscow region police department say that the leader of environmentalists ignore the call for questioning, but recognize that the police "overdone". Meanwhile, activists Alexei Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova arrested for two months on suspicion of organizing a pogrom.
At noon in the courtyard of the Independent Press Centre in Prechistenka, which hosted the meeting with journalists, was a police Gazelle with suburban rooms, adjacent to walking about 30 riot police.Men in civilian clothes was shot on video for all who entered the building. Head movement to protect forests Khimki Eugene Chirikov told reporters on his innocence in the attack on the administration (Kommersant reported on it on July 29). "We advocate solely for the legal methods of struggle, - she said .- But we warned that such behavior of the authorities will inevitably provoke aggressive actions."According to her, now in Khimki police intimidates all activists - they are taken to the streets, are transported to a night in the office and do not give to call my family. The day before, on Wednesday, Khimki city court left in custody for two months Alexei Gaskarova and Maxim Solopova for further investigation of the case. Lawyer Mikhail Trepashkin, earlier defended the anti-fascist Alexei Gaskarova told Kommersant that the police set against the detainee from other prisoners."Now the city increased, so have been caught various petty criminals, - lawyer .- They are kept together with the guys and the police kept telling them:" If it were not butchers, no one like you did not catch. "The boys themselves have a judge of the threat life.

After the press conference the leader of environmentalists tried to get out of the yard through the arch, but the passage was suddenly blocked by riot police, the media pushed deep into the yard. Several people have twisted the hands of Madame Chirikova and dragged it into the "nine" without license plates.Only after riot let journalists.

Approximately half an hour later police department in the Moscow Region has issued a formal statement, where it was reported that Mrs. Chirikov ignored summons for questioning. "It was not detention, this drive is a witness - told Kommersant the head of information department of the police department of the Moscow Region Yevgeny Gildeyev .- C personnel were given instruction, the police should have avoided some token actions. Unfortunately, the staff overdone".

According to Eugene Chirikov, in the car were members of the Department for Combating Extremism, which took her in for questioning in the case of an attack on the administration of Khimki. "I have ironclad alibi: at the time of the pogrom, I was sitting behind bars, because I was once again illegally detained," - she said, adding that he has not received any subpoenas. Leader of environmentalists called the detention of terror action: "It's such a signal to society: even if you're surrounded by journalists, riot police will do with you all he wants." Tomorrow morning, Mrs. Chirikov waiting for another interrogation in Khimki - from her need to identify the attackers in the video.

"We are outraged by such a way to solve problems, - said as Media Greenpeace Russia Polina Malysheva .- Environmentalists are ready for dialogue, but to meet us send special troops. "This story is so frightened by every civilized person" - said Kommersant Director of Conservation Policy of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Yevgeny Schwartz. In his view, the government must finally respond to the scandals involving cutting Khimki woods."These people are not shy either journalists or passers-by, - said Mr. Schwartz .- If a European company expects to realize a project with the help of Russian gangsters and corrupt officials, should engage in dialogue with those who finance the project. (One of the creditors of the construction route Moscow , St. Petersburg has become the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development .- "b".) Prominent organization CEE BankWatch, which monitors the activities of international financial institutions, turned to European banks with a request to withdraw from participation in this project. "

"Such actions of the police - it's just some kind of public flogging," - said "L" member of the Public Chamber (AP) Russia to control the actions of law enforcement Sergei Ryakhovsky, adding that police chiefs are required to publicly apologize to the leader of the defenders of the forest. Mr. Ryakhovsky said that at present members of the SS RF examine all complaints of environmentalists on the actions of the police, after which plans to file appeal to all the supervisory agencies.

Alexander Chernykh


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