In the Independent Press Center held a press conference campaign in defense of "Khimki hostages"

August 30 at the Independent Press Center on Prechistenka held in Moscow , dedicated to large-scale persecution, which organized the law enforcement authorities in connection with the of protest on July 28 before the administration of the city of Khimki. The conference was attended by: Alexander Bidin, an activist campaigning for Khimki hostages, Alexander cast, a journalist of Novaya Gazeta, have been forcibly removed from trains and taken in for questioning in Khimki, Anastasia Huskey, an organizer of the concert in Kostroma, torn out the security forces and Emil Baluyev party animal protection movement, beaten by security forces visitor concert in Zhukovsky.

Alexander Bidin said that during the past month, law enforcement thwarted, at least three anti-fascist concert - 31 July Kupavna and Aug. 21 in Zhukovsky (Moscow Region) and Kostroma.Some of the young people detained during these raids, according to the speaker, were beaten. Supported antifa , for example, was arrested Aug. 26 in Ramenskoye (Moscow) people, presented the criminal police officers ".According to Alexander Bidina, during interrogation violent detainee was forced to sign without reading some papers. Upon completion of such examination Nikita Chernobaev was taken to hospital.

Cast Alexander, who came to the interview wearing a mask, said the investigation is very strange looks "case of four broken windows" that has lasted almost two months. "In our country at war is no longer with dissent, but simply with the idea," - said journalist.And law enforcement agencies, according to his assessment, work extremely unprofessional. In his view, his actions will achieve security forces only radicalize the anti-fascist movement.

Anastasia Huskey, organizer torn out , said that many media in her region were biased coverage of the situation at this event. Some journalists argue that the crowd of young people gathered in the city center, as alleged, were not notified local authorities and law enforcement authorities were preparing to storm the regional administration, and among the participants in the meeting there was a scuffle, during which the man was stabbed by one person.In fact, according to the speaker, the authorities were still a month notified of the concert, no illegal activities organizers had planned, and a fight occurred between supporters of antifa and attacked them pravoradikalami. However, according to Anastasia, Husky, police eventually were arrested about 260 participants of the concert, organizers of the event risk of criminal prosecution and dismissal from their main jobs, and even the governor of the area personally contact the organizers with the question of what in fact they planned to spend.

Emil Baluyev, party animal protection movement has told how was arrested Aug. 21 in Zhukovsky (Moscow region).According to him, he came to this city to go to . However, he was detained by law enforcement officials and taken to a local ATM.There, using beatings and threats, some security personnel in plain clothes forced him to sign a declaration on cooperation. Also, it tried to force state to participate in radical actions of the administration of the city of Khimki 28 July this year. However, he could not be a party to those events, because at that time was in the Ukraine.

Concluding the press conference, Alexander Bidin said that he considers necessary to conduct a Day of united action in the protection of all detained anti-fascists.The place and time of the meeting community activists have promised to report further.


The topic of pressure on the anti-fascists from the security forces dedicated in the newspaper Novye Izvestiya. One of the site administrators gave the journalist a comment editions:

Before Khimki's prosecution was, but it was not so clear-cut and with such intensity.Yes, someone is detained, summoned to the meeting, but such general scale that did not matter, now thwarted a number of activities - concerts. For example, this weekend was supposed to take place a concert in Moscow. Concerts exclusively charitable, and money had to go to the orphanages. After Khimkinskiy events was a football tournament in Podolsk. The event was not drunk and violent people. Nevertheless, a car pulled up riot police, and all were carried out at the nearest railway station.Most likely, a team of senior management, which, they say, you dare to rebel and to hold any shares in Khimki, if any of your shares, tournaments, concerts will not be. People may begin as a problem in the institute, and at work.

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