In Irkutsk, held a march and rally in support of Lake Baikal, Khimki and Utrish

November 6 at 14:00 in the city of Irkutsk held a march and rally in the All-Russian action "for Lake Baikal, for Utrish for Khimki woods! - For our native nature! ". Gathering participants will take place at the corner of Karl Marx and the Proletarian at 14:00. Defenders of Wildlife will march down the street to the square in front of the Proletarian Circus, where will hold a rally, which runs until 16:00.

The main objective of the action: the requirement for the President and Government of the Russian Federation to recognize the priority of preserving the natural heritage and to put an end to its destruction, as well as a final solution to the problems of Lake Baikal, Khimki Forest and Nature Reserve Utrish.In addition, the protesters also raise other local environmental problems, including deforestation Kayskoy trees and other green areas of Irkutsk and Angarsk problems.

Organizers of the rally: Baikal Movement, "Baikal Environmental Wave", Greenpeace Russia, Environmental Watch on North Caucasus, the Movement "Save Utrish" Movement for Khimki Forest, Socio-Ecological Union, the Environmental Rights Center "Bellona".

The event is supported by: the people's control of Siberia, the project "Baikal", the Committee to Protect Kayskoy groves, a regional information center , information center Ltd "Big Town" and weekly "Baikal Siberia.Their official support of the action expressed the prominent rock culture: Yuri Shevchuk ( ), Artyom Troitsky ( ) and Professor of Moscow State University - Nikolay Drozdov ( ).Also in the shares will be attended by local musicians rock groups Evergreen and Ephemera.

In addition, such shares to be held in Kaliningrad, Voronezh, Kazan, Murmansk, Lipetsk, Samara, Togliatti, Dzerzhinsk, Balakovo, Arzamas, Stavropol and other cities.

Basic requirements campaign:

  • immediately undertake an independent verification of the technical condition BPPM and environmentally safe closedit, and created in Baikalsk alternative jobs; undo Government Decree № 1 dated January 13, 2010

  • to abandon all plans for the construction of recreational facilities and infrastructure in the reserve "Big Utrish, to include in the new reserve coastal areas with pistachio and juniper woodlands, which planned the construction of these facilities.

  • Khimki save the forest, to consider alternatives to layingroute bypassing Khimki forest.

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