Nizhny Novgorod without Nazism!

On November 4, Nizhny Novgorod, pl. Freedom of young people gathered to protest against the dominance of right-wing and neo-Nazis in the streets of our city. Despite the bad weather event brought together dozens of anti-fascists, anarchists, and just concerned citizens. Activists holding 3 banners: "Stop the Nazi Terror," against all forms of discrimination and exploitation "," Go out into the street bring back a city, handing out leaflets to people passing on the position of the protesters.

The action was coordinated with the administration, was attended by several policemen and plainclothes men, conducted operational shooting events staff of the Center of countering extremism. " One of the participants tried to make a speech through a megaphone, but then came a police officer and an ultimatum has asked not to use amplification.

Then the activists were charged in unison: "No Nazi occupation! Lower without the Nazis! "That soon as it stopped a man in the form of a reasoned its demand so that the shape of the event - rally.As soon as the leaflets were handed out last, it was decided to fold.
In general, the action took place without incident, the participants safely departed from the venue.


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