Summary of international week of actions for Russian anarchist and anti-fascist prisoners

Between 1st and 10th of July, of Putin's police state took place in 22 cities of 10 different countries. Although state pressure is growing, new delirious "anti-terrorist" laws are passed instead of improving life of citizens, activists of Moscow Anarchist Black Cross, Autonomous Action and other anarchist and anti-fascist initiatives organized a wide international campaign to defend our comrades imprisoned in Putin's gallows.

Israel: A picket at the Russian embassy

International campaign of solidarity for Russian anarchists and antifascists started from Israel. 1st of July 2016 in Tel Aviv anarchists from "Unity"-movement organized a solidarity action. Anarchists picketed Russian embassy in Tel Aviv in solidarity with imprisoned anarchists and anti-fascists.

"Friends, remember, one day every prison has fallen and every empire has collapsed. For those in freedom, we remind: Do not give up! Do! Keep up the fire! Take the fire from those who have lost their freedom, and carry it further, to victory of the social revolution!"


Finland: a solidarity picket for Russian political prisoners

After Tel-Aviv, Helsinki joined the solidarity campaign. A picket was organized at the center of the city Friday 1st of July. Next to the main railway station around ten anarchists banners "Freedom to Crimean prisoners" (Vapaus Krimin vangeille) and "Freedom for all political prisoners". Few hundred leaflets which explained point of the action were spread.

Spain: A banner drop next to a squat

In Friday 1st of June 2016, next to occupied and self-governed social center "Kasika", a big banner was hanged in order to bring attention to situation of anarchists and anti-fascists arrested in Russia.

Next to banner, leaflets with information about Russian non-authoritarian left-wing political prisoners was spread. More than thousand leaflets were distributed, passers-by were interested about the situation in Russia.

Czech republic: Picket at the Russian embassy

7th of July anarchists and people who are not indifferent to repressions in Russia, met in front of the Russian embassy. Already two hours in prior to action, embassy was fenced with 25 police officers, and eventually number of police only grew. With cameras, caps, plain-clothes, boots, gloomy faces — a big selection.

Few dozen people came to shout at the embassy, and a solidarity message from Russian anarchists was read:

"We keep organizing in difficult conditions, under heavy and constant police repressions and unprecedented tightening of the legislation. Any kind of activities are becoming more and more difficult, but we are committed to continue our cause, our struggle for a social revolution and libertarian communism! Long live international solidarity! Death to the state! Freedom is born where the government dies!"

Police began immediately to behave aggressively, checking documents from those who carried a banner or who were in the front. Russian embassy was shaken with shouts such as "Our weapon is solidarity", "A desire for freedom is stronger than any prison!". After meeting, there was an event in Stromovka park, where people could enjoy vegan barbecue and support local and Russian anarchist movements with donations and a distro.

Sweden: In Malmö activists made a banner drop, and in Borlänge festival artists hanged big portraits of Alexey Gaskarov and Alexey Sutuga

In Malmö, two banners were dropped from the opposite side of the main railway station, with texts Destroy police state and Free Putin's prisoners. In a festival in Borlänge, several modern artista made works in which Alexey Gaskarov and Alexey Sutuga were pictured, participators of the festival were also informed about political repressions against antifascists and anarchists in Putin's Russia

France: Banners in Lyon

As a response to solidarity call by ABC-Moscow, a group of anarchists dropped big banners in various places of Lyon. These actions show that anarchists of Lyon support anarchist and antifascist comrades which are behind bars in Russia.

"Our comrades in Russia are in a difficult situation. State repressions often fall on anti-fascists and anarchists, more often that on moderate human rights activists. Many of our comrades are located in prisoners and camps of special discipline. Some of are about to be sentenced on basis of protests which they did not even participated.

When we hanged banners in Lyon, we wanted to say that we support you, and we think about you and we want you to be released as soon as posible. To inform a maximum amount of people about problem of political prisoners in Russia, we hanged big banners at the stadion 'Stade des Lumières'"


Belarus: A banner at highway M-1

Anarchists from the city of Baranovichi dropped a banner with text «Freedom to anarchist and anti-fascist political prisoners» in highway M-1 from Brest to Moscow. This banner was dedicated to international days of action for Russian imprisoned anarchists and antifascists, and also to support arrested comrades from Brest, Ivantsevich and Minsk of Belarus. It was also dedicated to other activists from different countries which are currently imprisoned.

By repressing anti-fascists and non-authoritarian left activists, Belarus and Russia show that they are real dictatorships. Fearing peoples anger, they are ready to imprison, maim and even murder innocent people, whose only crime is to hope for a change. But besides all the attempts of the repressive machine, cause and struggle for a free society is alive.

Ukraine: banners and graffiti in Kiev, Lutsk, Lvov, Chernigov, Kharkiv and Dnepropetrovsk

5th of July activists of "Black Dawn" hanged a banner, dedicated to day of solidarity with political prisoners, in Dnepropetrovsk. 7th of July in Kharkiv, a banner dedicated to Kolchenko, Sutuga, Romanov, Buchenkov, Gaskarov and other repressed activists was hanged in opposite side of the Russian consulate.

9th of July 2016 in Kiev, as a part of the international campaign, activists hanged banner «freedom to political prisoners» next to the embassy of Russian in Ukraine. In Lutsk and Chernigov graffiti was painted in solidarity with imprisoned antifascists and anarchists in Russia and Belarus: Alexander Kolchenko, Alexey Sutuga, Dmitry Buchenkov, Ilya Romanov, Alexey Gaskarov and Dmitry Polienko.

In Lvov, activists threw paint to ATM machine and spoiled front window of the Sberbank.

Moscow: a benefit concert, graffiti and lecture on surviving police

6th of July there was a concert to support political prisoners, poets Pavel Nikulin, Lyuba Pravda, Nikita Yerin, Boris Bulgakov and Artem Kamardin performed. Black Kassidy and Agura Sisters played music, and those willing could write letters of support to political prisoners at a special table in the event.

7th of July in club "Plan B" of Moscow, with support of OVD-Info, Alexandr Litoy, Polina Nemirovskaya, Sergey Sharov-Delon and others lectured how to deal with police.

Also, between 1st and 10th of July graffiti with and without stencils was made in support of the political prisoners, in territory of various Moscow institutions of higher education, in which lots of students and teaching stuff are passing by.

Nizhni Novgorod: Pickets and benefit concert in support of Dmitry Buchenkov and other political prisoners

In Nizhni Novgorod there were several events. During each of the first 6 days of July, there were pickets in main pedestrian zone of the city, Bolshoy Pokrovskoy street. 2nd of July there was a benefit concert to support imprisoned Russian anarchists. A special information stall was made to spread information about imprisoned anarchist Dmitry Buchenkov.

Activists from "Autonomous resistance", socialists from RSD and activists of Political Red Cross of Nizhni Novgorod took part to solidarity actions.

Saint Petersburg: Pickets of left-wing feminists, concerts, movie screenings and ABC Meetings

8th of July, in a framework of solidarity with political prisoners, there were one-person pickets in several places of the city. One of these places was memorial for the victims of political repressions at Voskresenskiy embankment, next to infamous Kresty prison. Action was organized by left-wing feminists. "Making a reference to Soviet dissident movement, activists wanted to underline, that no matter the collapse of the discredited USSSR regime, repressions have not ceased. This is proven by the fact how actual are the lines of the authors of the past epoch". Besides the pickets, there was a concert, several meetings and movie screenings organized by Anarchist Black Cross, where donations for prisoners were collected and solidarity letters were sent.

Crimea: A picket in Simferopol next to FSB and prosecutor's office

2nd of July there was a picket in Simferopol next to FSB administration and prosecutors office of Crimea. Although an announcement of the pickets was sent in prior to office of the head of Crimean republic and Crimean council of ministers. Authorities did not allow the protest. Eventually in the police was waiting for the picketers.

When anti-fascists began to raise placates, police approached and claimed that they do not anything about permission to picket. Activists went on anyway, and raised placates next to offices of FSB in Russian and Crimea.

After 20 minutes of discussions with the police, it was decided to change location and to go to the second place which was announced, prosecutors office of Crimea.

On his way home from the picket, Alexey Shestakovich who organized the action was arrested, together with Ivan Molotov. Shestakovich was charged with misdemeanor charges of violating order of public meetings. 2nd of August Shestakovich was slapped with the maximum sentence of a fine fo 20 000 rubles, that is around 270 euros. According to Shestakovich, in Sevastopol pressure from protest group has managed to gain civil liberties, but in Simferopol court system is a kangaroo court, there is no any separation of powers whatsoever and protest activities are very difficult.


Ivanovo: solidarity pickets

1st of July, Ivanov section of the Left Block organised a picket of solidarity to political prisoners. Not many gathered to local Hyde park, but passers by paid attention to placates.

Main task was to send a message of importance of support of political prisoners to people who passed by in cars and public transport and also to show how unjust the current regime is. Freedom to political prisoners!


Chelyabinsk: a flying picket in park

In Chelyabinsk, a solidarity action was organised for our comrades, imprisoned by regime and accused with trumped-up charges. Action took place in Culture park, where many people are hanging around during weekend.

This is a difficult time for all of us, when the regime attempts to maintain face of legality, fabricating most absurd criminal charges against everyone who disagrees. It is more important than ever to understand, that those who became victims of the system are not forgotten, and their cause is alive. Solidarity is stronger than any prison!

Kaliningrad: Activist prepared and hanged a number of banners to busiest streets of the city.

Derry, Ireland: Bannerdrop in Free Derry Corner

Anarchists in Derry took part in a series of solidarity actions in a show of international support and solidarity with anarchists and antifascists imprisoned in Russia.

In Derry's Bogside area at Free Derry Corner, local anarchists took part in a banner drop as part of this intenational call to support of our Russian anarchist and anti-fascist comrades in a gesture of international solidarity and to add our voice to call for their immediate release.

Long live anarchy!
Ainrialachas abú!

During days international days of solidarity, plenty of people from most different countries and cities supported our campaign and our comrades in prison. All of this makes our will to struggle even stronger, and gives power to our political prisoners to further fight for their rights and freedom.

We would like to appeal all anarchists and antifascists. As this is a difficult time, it is more important than ever to help our friends and comrades behind bars. We know, that they are being constantly humiliated, but they do not give up. We should never abandon our prisoners, instead of it we should give three or ten times more support. We also have to understand, that our solidarity should not be limited to framework of separate days or campaigns, our support should be constant.

If you want to support political prisoner, you may organize various events, concerts, fundraising, and you may support Anarchist Black Cross in its struggle, make donation to fund of the ABC. Prisoners will receive all of your support.

Long live international solidarity! Freedom to all political prisoners!

Financial support is needed for our comrades in prisons. ABC Moscow is raising funds for solidarity. If you have any questions or propositions, please write to . This is also they paypal account of the group.

Moscow Anarchist Black Cross

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