November 4, in Kazan - Day of unity against Nazism and xenophobia

In Kazan, the day was truly the day of unity. The top ten cities of our country passed the "Russian March" in which under the guise of patriotism involved a huge number of Nazi organizations and movements. Their slogan "Russia for the Russian" calls to expel all "non-Russian" from Russia and clearly infringes on the rights of most other nationalities in our country.

We, the anarchists and anti-fascists in Kazan, in this day held a series of information events on the distribution and posting flyers to hanging banners in the most visible parts of the city.We believe that the government and media deliberately incite hatred and divide people in the nation, following all the well-known principle: divide and conquer. We disagree with this approach, and we believe that every culture has the right to subsistence and development, no matter what part of the world she was born.

Therefore, speaking out against this situation, we urge you to fight not racial, not ethnic, and class, it is always easy to blame the "do not like" rather than truly understand the root of the problem. No pasaran!

from the site of BP-Kazan

The event was attended by anti-fascist groups afiniti:

Red Black Brigade 116 Rus




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