Parents of Alexei Gaskarov not give to see his son

The investigation into the massacre of Khimki Administration is in full swing. Suspects Alex Gaskarov and Maxim Solopov nearly a month in jail Mozhaisk. Parents do not allow us to see Alexei without explanation. "Last time we glimpse as whether Alyosha August 3, the day of the second meeting, - says Irina Gaskarova. - Since we could not get a single interview. During the month we were denied without explanation. Senior investigative team has promised to talk with his superiors. Then he gave an oral response to his leadership - in the interview refused.An explanation of why I was amazed: "Because Alex does not want to confess guilt." Of course, admit he has nothing but a date at this price we do not need.

Since all the questions, I decided to verbally, I will have nothing to show, if it comes to wrongdoing investigation. So I'm going to ask for a written document about from Kothe let invent an adequate justification for its decision.

Attorney George Cemenivskiy goes to Alexis to Mozhaisk.According to him, the son does not lose in the absence of the spirit. He does not despair, the energy he has now so much that nothing to do. In short, he is in top form as may be in his situation. In addition, Trepashkin again protects our interests. Alex has a little one lawyer. Semenov, he always picks with questions and suggestions, but he tries not to rush into action, every step carefully considering.

- A number of online communities and blogs posted information on the collection of funds for attorneys' fees.

- Yes, many people and organizations help us tion.Almost immediately on the site of ICD (Institute of Collective Action ") were given numbers online wallets. During the concert and rally on Pushkin Square, as far as I know, too, have been collected some money. Until now, lawyers do not have to have a single ruble. Apparently, not so few helpful people in the country.

And yet, we are able to easily panic. We were advised to send letters to several different courts simultaneously, but there they were, most likely, no one will read. We understand that you need to do something, but do not know what it is.However Cemenivskiy shows that there's no hurry. Our position is firm enough, we do not worry about anything, because there are photos and video from the scene, and Alexey and Maxim Solopovym in frame no. Let the law enforcement bodies themselves are nervous and make mistakes. Actually, his nervousness and they demonstrate, for example, in the case of children, who came to the hardcore festival in Zhukovsky. With such methods of law enforcement agencies are unlikely to find the real perpetrators of the incident, of course, if they do not surrender.According to my information, the prosecution intends to request an extension of his arrest.

In late September, scheduled a hearing on the case of the massacre Khimki city recording the adminis. LH will follow once velopment of events.

newspaper Zhukovsky NEWS »№ 37 (987) 7-14 September 2010

Maria Fokin


Spetsrazdel dedicated to fighting for the preservation of Khimki woods and release of the arrested anti-fascists Gaskarov and Solopov

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