Prison - a badge of honor!

Lance Corporal , got charged for refusing to return to Afghanistan, delivered a speech at a rally in honor of his release: "I think it's a badge of honor - to receive a prison sentence. I came to the conclusion that the real enemy - not the guy ahead of you, who is facing the rifle in your hands, and the man in the opposite side in the rear, the one who tells you to pull the trigger. "

More than 400 people forolnili Conway Hall in London to hear a speech by Tony Ben, Jeremy Corbin and Mark Steele, who explained why Joe was the one who could inspire so much anti-war movement.

"What we heard today from Joe Glenton - said Jeremy Corbyn, an indication of decency, humanity, sincerity, and in the perception of what actually is the cause and consequences of this terrible war in Afghanistan: Joe, we must say thank you."

After the publicationWikileaks 91'000 secret U.S. military files, which reveal the real side of the war in Afghanistan, Joe caught the mood of the meeting when he said: "I really believe that today there are conditions for that force the government to calm down: the wheels of the war really went wrong .

This is reflected - as stated at the meeting, head of Stop the War, Lindsay Herman - in the number of soldiers and their families who are currently affiliated with the Stop the War, who are concerned about the consequences of fighting in Afghanistan.

Yasmin Khan, from , explained what the consequences turned fighting for the Afghan people, whose country has been named by the United Nations, the poorest country in the world."War, - she said she did not lead to the development, as is the government claims. You can not get the prosperity and security by dropping bombs. This war is unjust and unfair, it must be stopped immediately. "

This message has been fully endorsed by all lyricslistener session that confirmed the ligament of leaflets, which they took to help disseminate information about demonstration on November 20.

Hundreds of people have decided to take an active part in campaigns, it was a kind of recognition that the anti-war movement is really able to put an end to the war, which do not support 83% of the British public.

As said at the meeting, Mark: "We must continue to campaign against the war, firstly, because it correctly, but also becausethat we, step by step, has a great influence on the course of events. "

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