"Declare war to the war!" - Antiwar picket in Moscow

They don't want to talk about Afghanistan. In Russia people try to forget about events, that happened between 1979-1989, to forget how much people was killed and how much of them became disabled, how much soldiers blindly fought for the "great nothing" and how much of them had no choice. We recall those memories. In Afghanistan there are still military operations, but now due to NATO's forces. It's called as "control over sore points of Near East". This control became a cause of death for 18541 people, starting from 2001.
    We are for all refuseniks and antimilitarists, because there was and there is no war which can be called as something honorable, no war has benevolent aims. Also we are against military service (especially involuntary service), because it's violation of human right - freedom of choice and sometimes the right to life.

Today 28th of March from 4 p.m. till 5.30 p.m. there was a picket against partcipation of USA and their NATO co-belligerent in military operations in Afghanistan, and also in support of refusenik-antimilitarist Joe Glenton, who was jailed for nine months because of refusal to return to Afghanistan. Joe Glenton is the first serving soldier who could express his protest against war in Afghanistan in public.
    Activists unwraped banners "It's better to be deserter, than to be a killer!", "Army is slavery!", "No war, let there be rock'n'roll!" spring air was cut with shouts: "No one is born as a soldier, people are dying being soldiers!", "People are more important, than money!", "Your oil smells like blood!", "NATO, get out from Afghanistan!", "Army is slavery!", "If you don't want to do military service, don't do that!", "Our Motherland is all mankind", "Freedom for Joe Glenton!", "Freedom for political prisoners!".
    One of members of the picket read monologue of soldier from Dalton Trumbo's book "Johnny got his gun".
    Passerbies got interested in this action, they took leaflets and talked with members of the picket. After 1.5 hour activists broke up.


"At least 869729 people have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq. 823729 of them were civilians. Isn't it enough to make you stop?"

"Army is slavery!"

"It's better to be deserter, than to be a killer!"

"No war, let there be rock'n'roll!"

Video: Soldier's monologue

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