For the sake of gold destroying union

In the village Kuranakh (Yakutia) is closer to the fall becomes hot: not only that the JSC Aldanzoloto CI "created a" pocket "the union, so also was searched. Over three days, two searches: the flat deputy trade union, the trade union committee, and again looked into the trade union - to remove the computer. The newspaper "Solidarity announces a campaign of solidarity with the trade union organization OAO Aldanzoloto GDC.

Why do people often, instead of treating the disease, eliminate its external manifestations.Here are a smoker with experience. He has a cigarette yellow teeth and clogged lungs. But about the light he did not think he starts to whiten teeth, and when it turns out, he was joyful, dumped with lung cancer, and lies in a coffin with white teeth. But what worried him a cigarette? Most do not even thought about the problems with light, and yellow plaque on the teeth. And he is distressed about it. Because this attack is visible, but the state of light - no. While each pack of cigarettes in large letters is written that the Ministry of Health warns.

Here, employers often are struggling with the disease, and with its external manifestation.After all, it was all good, 85 years on "Aldanzolote" there was trade union organization and did not prevent (and even helped) to live and work. And then she starts to protest and otherwise interfere with the management plans. Here it is, the outward manifestation. Often, the employer is not trying to find the cause, and begins to struggle with the investigation, that is, with trade-union committee. Suppress or remove the primary, and there will be happiness. And the fact that trade union activity does not develop from scratch, but a sign of deep bad processes - it is not observed, although the Ministry of Health, excuse me, the union does not tire of warning.

Once at JSC Aldanzoloto GDC announced the creation of a pocket union, events began to develop rapidly.There were information leaflets and articles in newspapers about reports that the new union supports the Vice-President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). This is in addition to some "other public organizations", which promised to give him financial assistance. That is, employers and the government union endorsed and supported.Left nothing at all: to bring back workers who for some reason the union is not particularly go. This may still need to personally CEO declared support? I advise you to try, suddenly can help? You can also promise a new trade union members to pay premiums. So many do, so perhaps "Aldanzolotu" should look to the experience of colleagues.

Actively works and prosecutors. Last month, she conducted two searches: the house of deputy trade union and in the trade union management and union seized the computer.Against deputy Ludmila Loktionova prosecuted under two articles of the Penal Code: Art. 165 Part 1 (causing damage to property owner or other owner of the property by deception or abuse of trust in the absence of signs of theft) and Art. 327 Part 3 (using fake documents).

It was like this: when the JSC Aldanzoloto CI "was still just" Aldanzoloto "(ie other entity), it is with the trade union committee was the founder of the dispensary.After the reorganization of OAO Aldanzoloto CI "was to work with dispensaries under the contract. But since he had previously served as a structural subdivision of the enterprise, then the principles of operation remain the same. For example, instead of each rested a dispensary employee personally brought to the accounting company coupon, their trade union collected and handed over to the accounting department all together. The same was done in 2008, when the trade union work on health improvement program workers through the Social Insurance Fund. At the end of the year was, as usual, prepared and presented documentation.And in January 2009, accounting OAO Aldanzoloto CI returned the tear-off coupons with the words that are properly designed (no signatures).

The Director-General to unilaterally tore up the contract, but because workers are gold mining company is about 70% load dispensary, its contents became unprofitable, and 2 February 2010 by decision of the founders it was closed.

The company's management tried twice to bring criminal charges against the control dispensaries Ludmila Loktionova (these attempts are randomly matched with action to improve the trade-union wages to employees), but both times the Aldan district prosecutor's office denied this.And now, when you create a new union by third attempt. But this time, investigators involved in the issue no longer Aldan prosecutors, and Yakutsk!

As the chairman of the trade union Valery Korotkov, an investigator in the company's management has provided office - next to the trade union committee. August 18 there was a search of the apartment Lyudmila, 19 August - the trade union committee, and the 20 th in the trade union seized the computer.

- Search archived financial documents dispensary.And we have a computer all! All letters, articles, accounting trade union. They restore deleted files - says Loktionova.

No more of these charges were not filed, only a deputy. As she explains, allegedly for coupon her handwriting, so the case was filed against her. This is no doubt true reason for this step, there is not a trade union, or many employees.

Aug. 24 trade union committee of OJSC "Aldanzoloto" GDC met trade union, which considered the following questions: the creation of a pocket union "Golden Aldan", and a criminal case on the deputy trade union committee.After discussion it was decided to send a collective letter to the President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), EA Borisov, a copy of the head of municipal formation "Aldasnky district" SA Kuznetsov. On the same day sent a letter to the President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Borisov EArequesting a meeting with trade union activists of the enterprise. Prepared by the appeal to the President of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), is collecting signatures of employees.

Aug. 26 is scheduled to visit President of Sakha (Yakutia) in Aldasnky area. However, as reported by the trade union committee chairman, "Today we learned that the visit be canceled and rescheduled to a later date ...

Campaign solidarity

In connection with this newspaper, Solidarity announced a campaign of solidarity with the trade union committee of OJSC "Aldanzoloto GDC.Requests to write letters of support to the following addresses:
677022, Yakutsk, ul. Kirova, 11, president of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Yegor Borisov Afanasyvitch

123104, Moscow, Tverskaya Boulevard, 15, page 1
Polyus Gold, CEO Ivanov Eugene I.

678900 Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Aldan district, pos. Lower Kuranakh st. Building 14, Union Committee of JSC "Aldanzoloto" CI ", Korotkov Valery Grigorievich

129090 PMMoscow, Protopopovsky per., 25, the newspaper "Solidarity"

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