Second international tournament in mixed martial arts among anti-fascists of Europe "No surrender! II."

On April , the 17, 2010 in Kiev will be held the second international tournament of mixed martial arts among the anti-fascists of Europe "No surrender!! II." The tournament is intended to continue the tradition of learning and use of fighting arts not only in the ring or mat, but also in real life situations. Invited to apply are all the caring people who refuse to be reconciled with the dominance of the Nazi terror in the streets of their own cities.

By participating, you could get experience and teach your opponent not to be afraid of difficulties!

Fighting fascism are not only words but also fights in the streets, which dictate its conditions to win. There is no place for weakness and sorrow there. Compassion not only to the enemy but also to themselves. We should work on our physical training, skills, real street fighting. Anyone who does not just "disagree" with the Nazi violence, but is active, thinking person, ready to fight injustice- not only in words but in deeds, understand that the ability to fight is vitally important. We should not simply be able to stand up for ourselves, it is necessary to achieve victory. It is necessary to resist the Nazi filth, from the brazen impunity.

You should forsake of weaknesses and fear! Prove that you're able not only to conduct "propaganda", but also could fight with dignity in the ring with an equal opponent. Victory in the ring -is a chance to get a victory on the street.

The first "No surrender!", was held in Moscow last year, was timed to the memory of famous anti-fascist Fedor Filatov ( "Fedyaya"), who was killed by the Nazis in the autumn of 2008. The tournament "No surrender! II", will be held in honor of Ivan Khutorskoi ( "Kostolom"), who was shot in his apartment building on Nov. 16, 2009. For the tournament, "No surrender!" The Death of Ivan is more than loss for the tournament, "No surrender!", cause it is Kostolom ,who was the organizer and the chief judge of this Moscow event. Ivan was a reliable bulwark of the anti-fascist movements in Eastern Europe and we will continue the tradition of struggle against violence, which he actively promoted and developed through their actions. In addition, the deaths of Fedyay and Kostolom are not the only two, lying on the conscience of the Nazis. We have lost many friends. Anti-fascism is not only the scientific debate and controversy for us, but - a way of life. Therefore, mixed fights tournament in "No surrender!" will continue to be held under the slogans of the hard fight with the murderers and the memory of our fallen friends.

The program of events scheduled fights involves women in fighting arts. Those, who would like to participate in the tournament, should send their applications to the address: The rules of competition, as well as answers to additional questions will be sent by the presence of an application from the applicant.

photos from first tournament in Moscow last autumn:

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