Spain: On the streets against the contracts with subcontractors in the Junta of Galicia

About a hundred workers at the call of CNT on 26 March this year, took to the streets to Compostela, in protest against the illegal transfer of employees in the privately managed, as well as harassment and dismissal. Despite the bad weather, the demonstration started at noon on the square-Roch-de Compostela and ended at the Plaza de Cervantes performance of the most laid-off workers and the Secretary General of CNT Compostela.

Manifestation was part of a campaign launched by the union to condemn the practice of the Junta of Galicia (Autonomous Region of the Council), consisting in the outsourcing of all services, which only could be allocated to employees by subcontracting, hired outside firms.Non-guaranteed public sector employment not only worsens the working conditions of workers, but also affects the service that we receive. Subjugation, passivity, nepotism and lack of transparency agreements and interest among high officials and companies prevail over the principles of equality, dignity, ability and publicity, because they regulate access to public service. We in the CNT, spent years fighting with the situation and is currently conducting several open conflicts in the various regional governments.We invite all employees of the junta, have been translated into subcontracts, to express their attitude towards this situation through the CNT - the only union that is not subsidized, does not participate in union elections, has no exempt employees and do not depend on any party.


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