In Europe, all on strike!

In Europe, planned social explosion - in so many countries simultaneously has not yet bastovali.Evropa wracked by massive strikes. Trade unions of several EU countries announced a protest against the anti-crisis measures their governments. The largest event was held in Brussels yesterday - on the streets of the city went more than 50 000 people, many specifically for this came from other countries. Return home was not all - to join the strike, officials announced the Brussels airport.
Participants strikes are outraged that in the midst of the crisis of power in their countries were spending millions of euros to rescue large banks and industrial companies, and now raise taxes, cut public sector salaries, pensions, scholarships and other social payments.The main slogans of the strikers: "No cuts" and "For economic growth and jobs."
In Spain, on Wednesday, representatives of different professions do not come to work. It is expected that only a Spanish strike will attend a half-million people. As a result of clashes with the police only in Madrid yesterday were arrested over 30 people.This is the first general strike in Spain since 2002.
In Poland, are striking railroad workers. In Slovenia, the giant tube - road blocked by truckers. Since the beginning of the week did not go to work or work in polsily up to half the country's civil servants. On Wednesday, the protests have also signed Greek physicians and employees of public transport. France did not cease protesting against government plans to increase the retirement age. Against budgetary constraints, the striking workers in Latvia, Italy and Ireland.
Meanwhile, while marching on Brussels angry workers, the Commission discussed the possibility of imposing sanctions on governments with budget deficits.Authorities of countries affected by the strikes are justified: without increasing austerity of debt and budget deficits can not be avoided.

Elena Chernenko. "Russian Newsweek»

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