In St. Petersburg hosted the first gay parade

Not received approval from the authorities first in the history of St. Petersburg gay pride parade held in the most unexpected place. Representatives sexual minorities had it right in the courtyard of Hermitage.

The activists carried banners and flags on the body under his clothes and started a march directly in front of the Winter Palace. They marched along the line of tourists and chanted: "Homophobia - a disgrace to the country," "Homophobia - a disease!" At the billboard was written: "My gender is - my choice," "Peter I was bisexual."

Demonstration of time to get to the front gate of the Hermitage.Several minutes later a van drove up, two groups of detention, and law enforcement officers led away under the hands of five participants of the procession. It turned out to be exactly the activists of the unregistered public association "Equality", who handed the administration of the application for the event and held a press conference. All of them were taken in 79 th police department.

"Right now draw up a protocol of our detention for the unauthorized conduct of public events - told ZAKS.Ru call one of the detainees, Maria Efremenkova.- The protocol for some reason stated that I was the organizer. I think this is a violation. I would be organized if the Gay Pride has been approved and passed in this place. "

The march ended, but the police did not hurry. In the opposite side from the Summer Garden appeared about fifty young men in jeans, black T-shirts with baseball bats in their hands, in headbands with the words "resistance".Four "soprotivlentsev" caught up and twisted right at the Winter fountain.

By the time the square were already cars with the press-service police department and superiors. As long as young men packed into a bus, a colonel who has not presented, explained: "Just young people uncivilized speech. They say that all men are dead. It is not right to say so, especially in the cultural site, you understand."

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