Support suspected arsonists against military call-ups, and other Russian anti-war prisoners

На фото: Денис Сердюк (слева) и Илья Фарбер.

30 year old Denis Serdyuk, suspected of an amilitary call-up center in Volgograd, is being held in remand prison #1 of his town. He is being charged with ”destruction of property” and ”hooliganism”, and may be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Rural teacher Ilya Farber, of an arson attack against a military call-up center in Udmirtiya is being held in remand prison #1 in the city if Izhevsk. He is accused of ”destruction of property”.

In picture: Denis Serdyuk and Ilya Farber.

You may write to them to the following addresses:

Denis Vasilevich Serdyuk, 1992 g.r.
SIZO-3 ul. Golubinskaya 3
400066 Volgograd Russia

Ilya Isakoovich Farber
SIZO-2, ul. Molodoy Gvardiy 24 g. Glazov
427600 Udmurtskaya Respublika Russia

Letters should be in Russian. You may use google translate for example.

Which prisoners receive least support? This question is often asked in support events, and is of interest for both those who are regularly writing to prisoners, and those who write to prisoners first time.

Ukrainian citizen Yegor Kazanets was arrested 16th of May. He is accused of writing graffiti ”Slava Ukraine!” (Long live Ukraine) in St. Petersburg. He is charged with ”vandalism”.

Yegor is 22 years old, he graduated from a vocational school of ship construction and applied technologies as a turning and milling machine operator. Lately he has been working as a loader operator and a barman. In his freetime, Yegor was drawing, watching TV series and listening music. Now he is being held in New Kresty prison of St. Petersburg.

No human rights organisation is currently supporting Yegor, and this far he has only received one single letter during his imprisonment.

You may write to Yegor to address

Yegor Alekseevich Kazanets
SIZO-1, Kolpinskaya ul. 9 g. Kolpino
196655 Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

Letters should be in Russian. You may use google translate for example. 

You may also write to him with the . . It has only Russian interface, but you may try to use it with an automatic translation.0

 скриншот видео, опубликованного телеканалом «Крым 24».
Screenshot from a video, published by TV-channel «Crimea 24».

FSB has also  on preparation of a terrorist attack against an artist from Yevpatoriya Bogdan Azizov, who was accused of throwing blue and yellow paint to building of local building of the city administration.

28 year old artist was arrested 5th of June, and FSB is claiming that he attempted to burn the building with a Molotov cocktail. He may be sentenced to prison for up to 15 years.

Addres for letters:

Bogdan Sergeevich Azizov 23.11.1994 g.r.
SIZO-1 bul. Lenina 4, g. Simferopol,
295006 Respublika Krym, Russia

Letters should be in Russian. You may use google translate for example. 

Also, yesterday Presnya disctrict court of Moscow sent Dmitri Ivanov to two months of remand prison for maintaining Telegram channel ”Protesting Moscow State University”, accused of writing ”fake news” about Russian army. Protesting Moscow State University has been an important source of news about protests in Moscow and Student organising, and Autonomous Action social media has also relied on their coverage.

Most likely he is currently being held in the remand prison #7 in Kapotnya, as usually all the prisoners in Moscow will be first sent to there for two weeks:

Dmitri Aleksandrovich Ivanov, 05.08.1999 g.r.
SIZO-7 ul. Verhnie Polya d. 57 Kapotnya
109382 Moscow, Russia

Letters should be in Russian. You may use google translate for example. 

However, as it is no way that letters from abroad will make it to the Russia from abroad in two weeks, it is better to use the . It has only Russian interface, but you may try to use it with an automatic translation.

Keep up supporting prisoners in Russia

You can find the contact addresses of all prisoners in Russia supported by us . and instructions how to donate . If you want to make a donation to a particular prisoner or case, please contact us beforehand to make sure that the supporters of the prisoner or case are currently gathering donations.

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