In Tyumen, held a preliminary court hearing in the case of Andrey Kutuzov

November 25 in Tyumen, held a preliminary court hearing on the case participant "Autonomous Action" Andrey Kutuzov, who was accused of producing and distributing "extremist" leaflets. Judge Garipova did only one thing: admitted the positive characteristics for Andrew and places of work and residence. The defense petition, but the judge dismissed them, saying that the application will be considered later in the course of the case on its merits.

One of the motions were adduction sociological examination, which states that police officers, cops, staff the centers of "E" and so on are not a social group, and consequently it is impossible to "hate speech" speaks of the law on extremism.This ramshackle all criminal charges against Andrew because there is no corpus delicti.

In particular, experts from the Nizhny Novgorod State University, said:

- As soon as the police began to perceive itself as a distinct social groups, so there its special social interests, which are a cause of loss of public confidence in the police and one of the causes of corruption.Hence, the insistence of representatives of law enforcement on the fact that they are a particular social group, and contradicts the letter and spirit of many of the laws of the modern Russian legislation against corruption.

Andrei himself calls his criminal case as a "magic theater in the spirit of Hermann Hesse. Entrance only for the crazy."

Recall that the FSB has accused Andrew Kutuzov that at a rally for the disbanding of the centers of "E", which was held in Tyumen, October 30, 2009, he gave several people a leaflet with the headline "Cops to the wall."Organizers of the rally say that such a leaflet at the rally did not exist, and it is obviously faked. Now it is clear that fraud valiant chekistam also work out hard.They recognize the "extremist" just FSBshnye same experts. So, earlier forensic crime lab of the FSB of Russia, Sverdlovsk region Svetlana Mochalova in connection with the case of Kutuzov has found extremism in article murdered lawyer Markelov.

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